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    hiya beau is limping (back legs), can’t see anything in his pads or any cuts or wounds etc but he isn’t happy with his back legs for some reason i’m guessing its muscular so i will rest tonight/tomorrow.

    i have given him 1ml of the liquid st john’s wort tonight, how often can i give it to him for the pain and is this the right dose? its the dose bev gave me for relaxing him when he was megga stressy  :-\

    also is there anything else i should or shouldn’t be doing?  not had this before  🙁

    will try to do a short vid show him walking will that help?


    Do the hot spot test on him and get pics of all fours sides of him.

    Hugs laddo, not nice being injured :-*

    Not 100% sure on max dosage, so cant comment on that  :-\


    been uploading vids for about an hr taking donkey’s on photobucket!  ::) vids are not fantastic as ben keeps getting in the way and hannah isn’t a great camera woman either laughs


    You need to be outside to take a video there’s not room in your kitchen so see more than one step  😉


    i’ll try again outside, hannah isn’t here so it’ll just be me, should be interesting  🙂


    Be aware that St John’s Wort can trigger photosensitivity in some animals.


    ok i’ll make sure i put some cream on his nose he has a little pink part there, i think the rest of him should be ok, he doesn’t go out in hottest part of the day either  🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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