Doug has broken his leg : (

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    Good luck tomorrow… hope you get him sorted  :-*  :-*


    Lets get this into perspective here from an owners point of view.

    He is the surgeon – you are the client – this is private health – he does what you say because you pay him for the service so TELL him to fix the damn leg before calcification and all the other crap problems kick in mind the discomfort the dog will be in – meanwhile he is clocking up the cash for running all the tests and hospitalising the dog and delaying his recovery  >:(


    Fair enough, but he is the expert not me. I’m only listening to what he is telling me hence why i came here to ask. He seemed to think there is no big issue in leaving it an extra day but obviously now i will tell him to just go ahead.

    I don’t care how much it costs i just want him fixed and out of pain.  >:(


    I know where you are coming from and I would have trusted my vet with my dogs life and have in the past.  However when BB broke her leg it could have been handled much quicker and more efficiently she now looks like a butcher fixed her  >:( and in later life will have health stuff to deal with because of it. 

    Sarah Jane

    thinking of you and Doug hope everything goes ok with his surgery fingers crossed……..Teddie did just fine but it was a long road and plenty of tears were we doing the right thing at the time,i know what your going through ,trust your vet and tell him to set for the opp asap now you know all these tests are nothing to worry about….chin up Jayne
    hugs to you and Doug  :-*


    Sorry to read about this, I really hope your boy gets better soon.

    My collie has a pin in her front leg, she broke it when she was 10 months old.  Doesn’t stop her at all, you can feel the lumps from the pins but she shows no pain or discomfort anymore…dogs are amazing creatures!


    Thanks everyone for the reassurance and thanks Sarah it was nice to talk to you last night.  😉 x

    Been there most of the day today. Surgery wasnt done today but he is scheduled in for 9am tomorrow morning. I was naturally getting a bit aggitated because the boy has not had the op and the last thing i want is him in pain, which obviously i know he is, despite pain relief. But he run some more tests today which showed his Thyroid was now ‘normal’ and he seems way more confident than he did yesterday. He kept saying yesterday that he was concerned about losing him under anesthetic which was frightening the life out of me to be honest.

    Ok… so tomorrow it is. I saw him today and he looks in good spirits. Much much more so than when we took him there yesterday. Even managed a wee on the floor…  :ok:

    He said it will take about 5 hours and he has an 80% chance…so i just have to hope and pray he comes through.

    I’ll keep you posted

    I feel petrified!

    Dougsmum xx


    I’m so terrified… please god let him be ok xxxxxxxx


    I’ll have everything crossed for you let us know how he gets on  :-* :-*


    80% chance of what hun?

    Hope it goes ok  :-*


    80% chance of him coming through ok??? is that what he said? sounds a bit wierd :-\


    sorry i couldnt get on…had a trojan hit… >:D thanks to val and izz for passing on messages….

    the thyroid levels were already fine…think maybe another vet needed to assist??

    the bloods as val said…val and i doing our norm and saying the same thing at the same time  🙂  the bone marrow will have been leaking so the white cell count would reflect that….

    hope the boyo does ok…he been on my mind, give him a hug from me xxx

    xtine, kerrie

    it a long and very complicated op that needs enormous amount of skill with high GA risk..the vet is highlighting the risk factor….being honest and covering him/herself

    paws and fingers all crossed her jayne xxxhugsxxx


    Thanks everyone. Off to Abu Dhabi now…

    here goes  :'(

    Come on Doug xxxxxxxx


    Just caught up with this, poor Doug, hope all goes well and he’s better soon  :-*

    Sarah Jane

    :-* come on Doug we will be thinking of you hope the surgery goes well….ive been looking through some old pictures of Teddie and movie clips of him,it was a real tough time but looking at him now he looks great he has a limp some days more than others he also has arthritis too but wouldn’t change him ….at the time his accident made us as owners feel so guilty did we let him down cos we have a step in our garden……looking now no Ted could of had this accident anywhere it looks like its a weakness
    i hope the other litter brothers and sisters are ok  :'(
    i feel so sad this has happened to Doug be strong Jayne doG i hope he pulls through ok  :-*

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