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Doug has broken his leg : (

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Dogs Doug has broken his leg : (

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    oh right, just 80% seemed a bit low, my bad :crazy:


    thinking of you both xxx

    Sarah Jane

    Any news………hope everythings ok  :-*


    He’s pulled through it!!!!!!!!!  :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok:

    My god what a day. I cannot even begin to explain how much i was worrying about i was putting him through.  :vomit:

    He was in surgery for 6 hours. He has had 12 pins, 2 plates, a wire and (i think) a larger looking bolt thing. I spent a long time with the vet who seemed fab. He is really pleased with the results. Ok it’s far from ideal but we spoke alot about his care and how long it’s going to take him to be back to his normal self. I think when i say normal i know he will never be the same but hopefully he will have a good quality of life after we make some adjustments. I must admit i think i’m going to be a bit over the top with him after this!!!! but it’s going to be hard not to  ::)

    When i saw him he was sleeping, obviously very groggy after the GA. He’s on a drip and i think will stay in hospital for about 3 days. I’m so relieved he is ok. I’m a bit  🙁 about the quality of his life now but hey… we’ll do it together. I just need to get heaps and heaps of info on how to make things more comfortable for him.

    Proper little trooper. I’m just pleased he is sorted. Even if he has got a leg full of metal

    Way to go Doug…  :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* xx

    Thanks so much everyone for the well wishes

    I’ll try and post some pics tomorrow when i’m back at work. His Xray looks interesting too if anyone wants to see my little Bionic dog!!! 


    I had a leg full of metal for 18 months until it was removed. That was over 30 years ago, I can still do everything I did before………..


    Thats good news now on the way to recovery  :-* :-*


    phew, he’s come through it ok  :-*
    would love to see the x-ray  :yes:

    all the best for getting him out of there and home  :-*


    glad hes ok ;D ;D


    Way to go Doug. Now time to take it easy. 🙂


    Pleased he has had the leg fixed and is now on the road to recovery


    Thanks everyone…

    It seems i’m back down to earth with a bump today. I spoke with the Surgeon who said that the prognosis is still 80/20. He said he still has concerns about his recovery and it’s a long road ahead. I knew that it wouldn’t be a straight forward op and then up on his paws again but i guess i’m a bit  🙁 about it. I honestly thought he was over the worst part of it, and we could now be a little bit more positive about his recovery. Maybe it’s just the way they word things… he mentioned the risk of infection and obviously doing the same thing again to his leg and busting the pins out. He said that we need to take every day as it comes and just look for any signs that he is returning to normal, appetite, bloods, mobility etc…

    I went to the step that he broke his leg on last night and was pleased i didn’t have a hammer as i most likely would have swung for it.  :'(

    Sarah did you hear the same kind of thing from Teddies Surgeon? I’m prepared for the long road i just need to get as much info as i can to set me up for it.

    Come on Doug… xxx

    Ok so lets try and update these Xrays


    Damn it i can’t do it… not even too sure how to reduce the size of the picture. Sorry folks


    I’m really pleased he pulled through ok!!  ;D

    If you’ve got the pic uploaded onto a site like Photobucket, you can usually resize it by pixels, just go into ‘edit’ and resize is an option  🙂

    Try not to worry too much about your boy (I know it’s hard), the vets have to manage your expectations and warn you of the ‘what ifs’.  Stay positive and he’ll get better with your love and attention.

    It’s hard not to over-worry when an accident like this happens, my family cocker got bitten by a snake and nearly died last year…still churns all our stomachs letting her run loose on the moors where it happened, but you have to let them live and accidents happen.

    Simba has a pin in her leg and it doesn’t stop her doing anything at all now it’s all healed up. She was quite delicate on it when we first got her but since we’ve built her muscles and strength up she doesn’t show any signs of it slowing her down.

    I’m no expert so i’m sure you’ll get proper help from the others, but i’m average joe with a doggy with a metal supported leggy so you’re not alone!  

    Sarah Jane

    Yes Jayne same as Teddie….as i said on the phone the surgery is only one past of the bumpy ride.its still early days yet…they told us there was a chance he would get an infection too or maybe reject or have a reaction to the plates and pins ect…..The most important thing for us was to get that elbow moving so it didn’t cease up altogether i use to move massage his let to get the swelling down and to get the blood circulating…..Teddie was very unwell after him surgery and was in the vets for nearly a week after his opp….he was completely paralyzed afterwards for what seemed like forever…..i have movie clips of him bless so sad to see him like that
    Jayne you just have to be careful follow the vets advise and pray he will be ok,keep positive i know you 2nd guess yourself all the time but it is all  a long way off yet
    opp out the way ,now you have infection to get through and possible rejection of the plates,after that you have movement keep the joint moving so it doesn’t limit him use of his leg i was paranoid about this and used to do physio a good few times a day …with massage to make sure his circulation was ok
    after that just pray there isn’t permanent nerve damage….to be paralyzed scared me to death but it came back eventually i must put some clips up of Teddie so you can see what he’s like now
    Am pleased for you Jayne but its going to be a long time before he’s anywhere near the dog he used to be chin up you will get through it together


    Thanks Melinda – it’s good to hear your your Simba is doing well after surgery. Sorry to hear of the snake bite, that is scary!

    I’d love to take Doug out to the desert here for long runs (well before his break)  but there are Scorpions out here so it always seems to put me off!!!  :nono:

    Thanks for that Sarah… He looked so sorry for himself yesterday i just felt really sad for him all of a sudden. He’s usually such a boisterous little lad, doing the whole sofa jumping thing… i feel like i’m going to have to stop him from having fun. But.. it is what it is hey. I’ll just have to concentrate on getting him back to full health and hoping he isnt in any pain with it.

    It would be great to see some clips of Teddie. He is so so similar to Doug they definately look like brothers!  :yes:

    Hopefully going to speak to the vet soon when he comes in. Hopefully the boy is doing good today.

    Can’t wait to give him big kisses and hugs  :-* x

    Ah yes before i forget…

    Bev…  🙂 i was speaking to the surgeon about Clumber Spaniels and about them having a lower T4 than the average dog. (I didnt actually know this but according to you girls this is correct right?) He was pretty interested to know more as he wasn’t aware of this. Again like Dougs usual vet in Dubai he hadnt seen a Clumber before. He’s asked me to send him any info on this as he seems pretty keen to find out more. Thought this was a good sign. He’s actually asked me twice now. Is there anything on the net which i can send to him? he also keeps asking me if Doug is usually like this… is he always this tired etc… i told him he is and again he seemed pretty surprised. It would be great to send him some info on them so he has a bit more knowledge. Thanks loads.

    J x

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 61 total)
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