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    Hi Wondered if anyone had any experience of haematomas on the ear flaps of their dog?


    Usually a dog will get an ear hematomas from shakng its head or scratching its ear because it has an underlying ear problem The scratching or shaking of the ear ruptuers the tiny blood vessels in the ear’s cartilage causing them to bleed under the skin of the ear flap forming a pocket of blood
    They sometimes heal on there own sometimes the vet will drain them.
    They sometimes are bad enough that the ear suffers a deformity


    Thanks Val.
    I ask because yesterday Rio came home from her usual romp on the moors & when I touched her ear she yelped. On closer inspection I can see a swelling on the ear flap. It isn’t too big & today I can touch it without any problem -I have looked at the ear canal & given it a good rub also with no problem…in fact she enjoyed it!  ::)
    I think she may have either caught the ear in some gorse (on one of her rabbit chasing romps! ) Or when she flapped her ears that morning she accidentally caught it on something.
    As it is Bank Holiday & I don’t think this could be classed as an emergency-I haven’t had her checked with the vet.
    On some vet websites it has been said that these haematomas can be left alone- & the haematoma will resolve by itself.
    I’m hoping that this will happen as Rio is now nearly 10 & IF the only problem is how she will look- not how she feels- then I would forego having to have her go under anaesthetic.
    Just wondered if anyone’s dog had had this & what the outcome & time element involved before the ear improved.
    Thanks once again. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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