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    Just wondering if some1 can offer some advice, Skye our 7 yrold GSD was born with a bent ear, its not really botherd her much its gets pretty dirty seeing as its always down but of late its gotten very sore for her and there’s a bit of a smell(bit like smelly feet) when she lets me look its always black looks like scabs on her ear?? but it also has a sore there . i clean it a few rtimes a week which she hates and i have been putting savelon on it as advised by our vet, but it doesnt seem to be making much of a difference


    Try Val’s ear cleaner, it seems to sort out a lot of ear problems.

    Hopefully Val will be online later to help you

    Hugs to Skye :-* :-*




    dodger had this when he was younger with his floppy ear – i used val’s ear cleaner and within a week he was completely clean :yes:


    i have looked into this but little unsure, her ear, well it looks like open skin its has a white discharge on it looks like the skin is “open” (if right word) n very sore she tires to hide/cover her ear when i go near it and when i clean she dont like but if i touch that part of it she cries


    Skye’s ear



    Ooh,that looks very very sore, poor girl  :-* not sure what to suggest but sure Val or Bev will know


    That is very nasty you better check with Val re using her ear cleaner on a sore sore ear – otherwise your vet needs to suggest something other than savlon which is not going to clear that up  :boooo:


    good lord…how did it get so bad  😮

    savlon   😮 😮 :nono: should never be put in dogs ears …esp ones not open to the air….

    looks like canker to me…i suggest back to vets because that now clearly needs some anti bi’s …then start to clean it up using vals ear cleaner and strip the hair out inside with thornit….and i suggest you see a different vet  :-\


    Thanks for your advise

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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