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    I’ve seen moose in my life but nothing like this monster  :scared:  Damn good dog  :agree:


    jeeeeez how big is that thing 😮 😮

    i’m guessing the role of the elkhound is to lead a mooooose to the hunters who then shoot it when it gets close? ???


    Blimey that’s a big un, great video  :ok:


    strange looking creatures in a cute sort of way arent they ;D
    Love the dog, all mouth till it gets chased, Kodi’s like that 😀 😀


    WOW!  :surprise: That is a magnificent animal!  Stunning!


    Wow it’s mahoosive  :surprise:


    hahaha good doggie bring the moose to daddy – just make sure daddy gets out the way before hes trampled!!  :agree:


    Moose. or swamp donkeys as we like to call them, really are rather majestic creatures. Very slow moving through the swamps and forests but as you can see they can move when they need to  :ok:
    unfortunately they don’t feel the need to move when a car or truck is heading straight for them when they’re casually standing out in the middle of the road  :death:  Approximately 1 in 50 moose/car collisions result in human fatality.
    Cows average about 750 pounds and bulls 1000 although examp;es up to 1400 lbs are not uncommon. fairly amazing since they’re vegetarians.


    wow thats fab!!  :surprise:


    Hi. I own an Elkhound  :happy:. there job is to sent out the Elk. and keep it cornered and bark to let the hunter know where it is. It looked like the Elk was cornering the Dog lol ;D.

    here is a photo of my girl. she’s only 4 months

    [img width=468 height=444]http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc197/vinya12/XL802024.jpg[/img]


    Pretty pup go and do an intro as I don’t want to move the baby from this tread  :ok:
    Oh Hallo and Welcome


    beautiful!!  :-*


    Biiiiig bull  😮 .

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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