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    ok this might be a personal question but i was just wondering what people spend on thier electric each month?

    im with southern electric and they are telling me that i am using £75 – £100 worth of electric each month 😮 :scared: now i live in a one bedroom property, dont have heating on at all (mabe 1 or 2 days over christmas) and this time last year i was using £30 per month max. my sister has a 2 bed property, 2 kids and heating on regularly and she pays £50 a month.

    so im just wondering if £70 – £100 is the norm or if im being ripped off.

    also if anyone can recomend a good supplyer ;D


    Blimey! That’s high.

    We live in a three storey terraced house, and we have the heating on ALL the time.  We spend a combined total of £171 each month on gas and electricity.  I am told by friends that this is really high.  I am with NPower, but I think mine is expensive because I use so much gas.

    Do your provider send you estimated bills?  Get you meter read ASAP, they might owe you a fortune.  Also get your supplier to send you details of how much you were using this time last year, I found it really helpful to compare.



    We pay £50 gas £63 leccy, 3 bed house,gas fire, 3 pc’s ,4 tellys heating on all the time, daughter who can tlive without her flamin fan on all night long ::) think we owe on both at the moment but come summer we end up in credit, they do try and put it up now and again but we always argue and say we’re gonna go somewhere else so they leave it as it is ;D


    Oooh, I’ve just been looking at this on t’internet to see how much I’m going to be, ahem, violated by the various companies when I move down south.  Best place to have a look is

    Won’t give you exact prices you should be expecting to pay, but will show you the various deals out there and whether it would be right for you to change supplier.  Good luck.  That sounds like an absolute fortune.


    thanks justine will have a look at that in a minuet ;D


    I am single and live in a two bedroomed house.  My bills are miniscule for all utilities; I have night storage heaters, off peak water heating, and invariably I get a rebate each year from the water and electricity companies.

    I would check that you are not being charged for two properties or the wrong one; this is quite common.  You can check by turning EVERYTHING off at the mains and look at your meter, if it is still going round your in trouble!

    I am also with SEC

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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