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    I know that some breed don’t have to pass this test for breeding. In Poland Bullmastiffs don’t have to too. Unfortunately, in Poland bullmastiffs don’t have to none examination.
    But when I got know about eye examination in my city… Eye examination with cedrtificate I wanted to know specialist’s opinion.

    I would like to inform with pleasure that today, during the eyes examination our Egeria z Wólki received certificate of eye examination with the result: EYE CLEAR.
    Arizona Zimowa Aura received the same result: EYE CLEAR.

    I’m so glad that our females received next certificat with excellent results. In summer I checked their heart and HD.
    Now, I can said that they have all essential examination to be breed females.

    Best regards,
    Ula 🙂


    Thats great! well done  :-*


    Great news 🙂


    Brilliant news  ;D


    Congratulations!  And well done for going the extra mile and getting them checked out, even if legally you didn’t need to… shame not all breeders think like that!


    It might be worth mentioning that there is no “legal” requirement to have any dog checked for ANY condition prior to breeding.  There are breed recommendations however and these can be checked via the relevant breed clubs as well as persuing Schedules A and B etc on the BVA/KC schemes.


    Thanks a lot everyone… I have small kennel and I’m new breeder- I’ve had got one litter and I want to be a good breeder… Quality not quantity…

    Best regards for everybody :-*


    that’s the way to do it :yes: well done :-*

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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