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    last thursday i washed farrokhs coat it was dry by friday so of to the heath we went we had a nice walk we got to the bottom of the heath just abount to call him to me when he put his ball down walked away from it as he does so i went to fetch it i picked it up turned around only to see him laying in a big puddle so i called him back he came back and i swear he was smileing  so was i he was covered in mud i was just glad he has short fur what did i do nothing he looked a right mess  i wonder is mud good for your skin his goat shines  and it was the thirteen after all  he had a good walk that day and he made me smile he might be muddy but he is happy but i have seen pepole hit thier dogs for less he will be four soon and i slaped only once he kept picking up the cord from t he lawn mower in his mouth i told him lots of times to leave it but i did it gently that stopped him good it was pluged in at the time


    Lol Honey always jumping in muddy puddles – or rolling in the mud but only in front of customers……… ::)  😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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