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Feeding – bev’s on a rant

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    Can do sardines, will have to feed them to the cats too otherwise they’ll steal Mollie’s!

    Look forward to the chat Kiz, I thought Trophy looked OK, the cats are quite healthy on it…


    [quote author=schnozzles link=topic=3257.msg117427#msg117427 date=1170430712]
    when we had a Beardie when I was ickle (I trained him but it was all so long ago) he and the cats were fed some dry food that you added hot water to and then gave it to the animals when it had cooled down – it had meat & gravy & veg in – does anyone else remember it? And ws it any good?

    I think it was Vitalin or something similar

    Vitalin Original With Gravy is a nutritionally complete balanced dog food, in a traditional muesli style and does not require any additional meat or supplements.

    Vitalin Original has been specifically formulated for working dogs & Greyhounds and is made with meat & marrowbone, cooked wheat, sweetcorn, barley and soya to provide the correct balance of proteins and carbohydrates plus all of the vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a happy, healthy, active life.

    Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

    Cooked Wheat, Cooked Sweetcorn, Meat & Marrowbone, Soya, Cooked Barley, Vitamins & Minerals.

    Protein 18%, Oil 3.2%, Ash 6.8%, Fibre 2.8%, Moisture 12%, Copper (Cupric Sulphate) 12 mg/kg.
    Vitamin A – 8,000 iu/kg,
    Vitamin D3 – 1,000 iu/kg
    Vitamin E – 50 iu/kg.
    Vitamin Potency – 8 months from date of manufacture.

    My Miniature Pinschers are both fed a breed specific home cooked diet


    I know im gonna get slated on this but here goes…..

    Im all for natural feeding. I’ve done the research and read the books, and listened to all thats said on here. And Ideally,  yep I’d agree, its by far the best.

    HOWEVER. For some people I beleive it really is impractical or at times impractical. last year I was travellling up and down the country sometimes twice a week, staying in hotels, hardly had time to get to the shop. Also we had no freezer where we lived down south not even a fridge top one. We lived off sandwiches from the back of a car for a while.

    My best mate is a canine nutritionalist and together we did lots of research into the ‘best’ or a ‘good’ commercial food.

    I can detect hackles rising all over  ;. But somtimes needs must……

    And we belive Trophy is it! Have been to the plant to see the ingredients and the processing.

    it’s all human grade. ingredients. Trophy was one of the first companies to  be approved under the BUAV no animla testing standard.

    All meat is from animals fit for human consumption. 

    There are no GM products ( in the premium range),  no artifical colourants, preservatices or flavourings. The meat is meat and declared on the wrapper. It is not by products.

    the one I feed/have fed is… Trophy pemium hypo allergenic.

    The ingredients are listed below and declared on the packet and in the publicity
    Supreme basmati rice 35%
    Salmon meat23%
    grouond wholegrain yellow maize
    Brewers yeast
    Chicken oil
    beet pulp
    Salmon oil
    Whole egg powder
    Vits A 21,000iu/kg
    Vit D3 1,750 iu/kg
    Vit C 50 mg/mg/kg
    Vit E 440 iu/kg
    Copper 20 mg/kg

    & mins
    it has clucosamine and chondroitin added for joints .
    Preserved with antioxidants Vit E & reosemary oil

    Where I have recommeded food changes and only a dry food is acceptable to the persons, I have recommended this one. If I’m wrong then tell me. But if someone will only feed dry, they will only feed dry.

    Where people have shifted from one food to this one we have seen dramatic changes in bahaviour (honest) 🙂

    There ya go, slate me, stone me, hang draw and quarter me, slag me off…………………….Go crazy



    ;D Hi there denisemcleod  I’m a commercial  dried food fan…So thanks a lot for your input . I’m looking to find a weight- reducing dry dog food So will try to find the website.
    Don’t think you’ll get slated as there are lots of people out there that like to feed in the conventional way (if only they would own up  ???)
    There has been much research on your part on this issue so Good on you Thanks.


    I have one Miniature Pinscher that has problems digesting rice, yes you did read that right, I did type RICE, it has something to do with how once the rice is being digested it causes a chain reaction, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, all I can tell you is that it is so severe that even a small amount could do permanent damage, so you see there are those who have no choice but to avoid commercial dog food.


    ;D ;D – now would I  ::)

    mmm – okay then  ;D

    salmon errmm – post on here re salmon

    beet pulp mmmm lovely – nice fresh beets?? mmmm or the crap left over form the sugar makers  ;D

    and thats a high copper content for many dogs – especially those that are prone to copper toxicosis which often goes un-diagnosed until too late

    egg powder mmm – inedible eggs are which the food agencies have declared unsuitable for human consumption due to broken shells or eggs which do not meet human standards in terms of blood spots etc – these eggs are centrifuged and the resulting liquid is pasteurized, spray dried, and packaged – each egg contains 50-55 gm of slurry which contains 22-25% total solids – most of it is done in india  🙂

    dried – i dont think ou can beat burns but still wouldnt give my dogs dried food

    holidays – large cooler box – ice packs at the bottom – teal towel – food  – crushed ice – t towel – food layered up until we can buy – emergency nature diet just in case and loads of eggs is what we do  🙂

    ooo i love ranting about dog food  😀


    mine are both really enjoying Wainwrights mixed with a little of the Prize Choice Mince from [email protected] :), Kodi got bored with Burns.


    and it has 23% crude protein so about 29% once eaten


    Oh Kiz, you surprise me, I thought you’de take it a lot worse than that  :).

    I still think a proper natural diet is still best! I hope that that came across OK.

    Trophy. I checked out the ingredients at the plant and I would happily have eaten them.

    I always think a good test is to say to people, would you eat what you are feeding your dog? If they say yes, I say go on then, show me…… And if you wont’t, then why are you feeding it to your best friend?

    I would and have eaten trophy. In fact one day, when we where in the car stuck on a motorway,sataionary, I did have quite a lot of it…….. It wasn’t my favourite meal, but it filled big gapo I had and I have’nt had any funny turns.

    I know the protein content is pretty high, but my dogs did OK on it, even nutty Cloud. Though they are pretty fit and well and have masses of excercise.

    I think that is the highest protein content that Trophy do. Normally suggest lower to customers. Though low protein commercial diets are pretty high to come by. l 
    I’l check out the post on salmon though, didnt know there was a problem there. I just ate a load of it. Ooops.

    THanks for not killing me Kiz. I feel only mildly battered. 





    Bones are so good for their teeth too – Piper’s are sparkling now!!!  ;D

    I’ve typed up my own diet plan for the week now based on Bev’s diet sheet and it’s working well – lots of variety, chicken wings/thighs or pork ribs for breakfast (even though Piper looks at me after as if to say where’s my proper breakfast), sardines in oil, mince beef, chicken, turkey, tripe (phewy), rabbit or lamb for dinners with fruit & veg and terrier meal, pasta or rice. She has a packet of NatureDiet once a week too split into two meals!! One very happy pooch!!  ;D Oh and not forgetting her raw eggs – she lurves them too.  ;D

    I love it when you breakdown the dry food ingredients Bev – makes you realise!!!!  😛


    it not just the ingredients in themselves it is also the source of them – folk see the foods listed and the image in the head is as of their own experience and perception – as raw good looking food – pet food companies buy the crap that humans cannot eat or has slumped on the market – otherwise it would be in human food – they are in it for the money and they blind the population with ‘scientific’ facts – a little knowledge goes a long way if someone in a white coat is spurting it or a fancy presentation of suits or pics of their labs etc never showing the test subjects of course


    Id happily eat Honeys food – only if i could cook it though not sure my stomachs quite up to her raw food  😉

    I must say i dont find raw feeding THAT inconvinient (i certainly dont find it inconvinient enough for me to feel i have to feed her kibble etc!)- i work long hours at times so i just have to be ORGANISED – if i wasnt Honey would never get fed- i plan ahead a couple of days so im not scrabbling around at the last minute wondering what to feed her -sure some of it takes time but its worth it –  ;D


    I wouldn’t eat Mollie’s food even if it were organic free range homecooked – because i’m a veggie (ish – and a picky one at that). I think after reading all this that I’ll chuck the pedi pouches into the rescue bin at the supermarket, limit the meaty chunks to treats only when out on a long walk, and keep using the Trophy but less often or as a mixer to give some crunch. As for the rest, I shall wait and see what the mighty Kizzy recommends  😮 😮 ;D :-* and give Mollie some sardines for brekkie in the morning…maybe with a bit of raw carrot…

    I ate Bonios when I was little. .. and I think I ate some of Duke’s biscuits once but then he stole my Special K…


    I ate seme red berries from next door neghbours tree as a kid and then lay down to die. Was very disturbing for my parents apparently.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 211 total)
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