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    good ol prize choice thats what mine get 🙂  they do nuggets now too, everything in them, liver, veg, tripe, lamb, mine love it 🙂


    I gave Murph a tripe one the other day, I was almost sick at the stench coming from the microwave  😛 He loved it though.  He really likes the beef too.  Not so keen on the rabbit, lamb or chicken though  ::)


    I dont microwave the prize choice, i occasionally boil the chicken mince but only if she’s got the scoots   🙂


    Still debating whether to give to him raw  ???


    ewwwwwwwww Tripe rank stuff isnt it 😛 😛 😛 stinks the place out too, dogs love it though ::)


    I have honestly never smelt anything so bad in my life  😛 It was minging  😀


    [quote author=Foxisle_crazy link=topic=3257.msg148004#msg148004 date=1180372522]
    Which is where this comes in! From [email protected]  🙂


    How costly is it doing it the prize choice way?

    Liz & Joe ‘the dog’


    I buy the Forthglade frozen meats – I can’t do the tripe on its own – makes me heave – have to get it mixed with something else like beef  😛

    Not sure how much the Prize Choice is but the Forthglade ones are about 50p which does Piper 3 meals. I’ve been doing alot of home cooked stuff – mainly left over meats from what we have so feeding her is getting cheaper all the time.  ;D Got 4 meals from left over pork joint yesterday and a nice strip of crackling which I dried out for a treat today!!!  ;D


    About 70p a pack,depends on the flavour, i think rabbit is the cheapest, the fish is the more money. Izzy gets half a pack for one meal  🙂


    Do you guys then mix it with terrier mixer, veg etc?

    Have given Fritz lots of home cooked stuff this week – think it’s working on Richard  😉


    Is he being won round Christine??

    Honeys been having homecooked lately along with some aw, shes not fussed either way  ;D


    Well kind of – I’ve been resourceful and he likes a bit of that  😉 I picked the meat off the carcass this afternoon and got LOADS  🙂 He was really impressed  😉

    I suppose as long as I cook it and we give him everything he needs then it’ll work  :-\

    Problem I have is knowing how much to give per portion?

    I tend to give Fritz a big bowl full of what ever it is i’ve made  :-\


    so with the boiling a chicken thing – not doen that before…. how many meals would that do him for?


    [quote author=xtine link=topic=3257.msg148057#msg148057 date=1180379615]
    Do you guys then mix it with terrier mixer, veg etc?



    Quite a few christine – my mum gets at least a months worth sometimes more out of two chickens for buster obviously with other stuff added though. Depends how much he eats, he might have more than buster as he probably gets more exercise than Buster does now.

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 211 total)
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