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    we were out with rafe and his mini-me today and were chatting and i mentioned i didnt flea treat my 2, just used garlic and they’d only got flea’s once but didnt get bitten (off a foster dog who had them) then i went on to mention i didnt worm them, then that i didnt vaccinate all the time aware that i seemed to be sounding more and more completely crazy – especially as i have a little one …

    have i gone totally insane not using chemical flea treatment, wormers and not vaccinating considering i have a 3yr old child ???

    i felt really confident about it but now am not so sure as it does sound a bit crazy when put like that i do admit!!!


    I wouldnt worry Claire

    You are doing what is best for your two  :-*


    Look at it this way Claire would you want your son around two dogs with chemicals in them and on them  :boooo:


    Not crazy at all Claire – just doing the best by them  :-*


    Claire – don’t feel like a crazy person!

    Fleas – that isn’t even the slightest issue for me – you know when you’re getting bitten and that’s the nasty part done with.

    My only mini-concern – and this probably through lack of education to the alternatives to clinical meds, would be that of toxicariasis from doggy worms.  Really really you only get adult worms coming out in the faeces when there’s a fair few of them in there already, so it’s not much use looking for those.  With our horses we get a faecal egg count done.  My mare had, erm, 0 eggs, despite getting wormed about 1/4 of the times it’s recommended.  Eggs are what are passed in the poo first, and can’t be seen by the naked eye.

    By all means continue what you’re doing, but I’d probably say, for piece of mind, get a faecal egg count done for W & B if poss.  (Then if it up – you can use the pumpkin seeds to shed, and get a recount after – and if 0 – you can gloat about how fantabulously well your dogs are and how doing stuff naturally has upped their immune system to be able to deal with any worms which do get in!)

    That sound ok?



    ick … fleas *itch itch*

    worms – yep, i realise eggs are in their poop and you cant see them however… usually my dogs dont poop in the house and Harry doesnt have access to their poop patch in the garden.  i can see that if they did have them and if they did tread in their poop they might bring them into the house on their feet BUT … the parks are all full of dog poop anyway so he’s more likely to tread in poop out there and somehow ingest it than get our dogs.

    I would probably do stilton + seeds and maybe get an egg count done if they showed signs of being wormy, if they had significant exposure i would likely chemical worm them 🙂

    I just got the feeling I was scaring Boss’ mum a bit !!

    I suppose its all about my interpretation of risk – usually they dont go anywhere or do anything all that risky 🙂

    Claire x

    p.s. the last time i went to the vet he told me william was too skinny so am not too impressed with them!!


    Have not stopped scratching since yesterday!  I reckon I must have fleas and mange and ticks and lice and all sorts of nasty things.  Even my eyelashes are itchy!

    Yeah, as Harry not allowed access to where they do their business, and W & B not *supposed* (norty missus bonnie) to go into Harry’s playroom, you’re right, x-contamination from your two does seem very slight.

    And Wills looks great at the mo!  So many fattie doggies about, a fit one must look thin!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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