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    These two drive one crackers at times. They will fight over the smallest of items like a twig or a stone.

    It’s not a quick rough & tumble and finish, Oh no, they can go on for 30 minutes or more

    [img width=468 height=307][/img]

    [img width=468 height=311][/img]

    [img width=468 height=335][/img]

    [img width=468 height=311][/img]

    [img width=468 height=311][/img]

    Looks like butter would not melt in the last pic, don’t you believe it.



    amazing photo’s Steve!!! ;D ;D You have a real talent 🙂


    😀 😀 😀 ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Wait till April Steve!  ;D ;D


    Brilliant ;D
    Laura’s right you are very talented :yes:


    Thats because the pack is not balanced  :nono:


    😀 😀 they are funny, love the last one


    love the 3rd one…. ;D


    whoa … as Val says you’ve got pack issues !!

    personally i would manage these two and once you’ve established who is supposed to be boss re-inforce them and the other one appropriately 🙂

    claire x


    … and in the mean time laugh a lot at their antics!  Brill pictures!


    clumbers are odd balls…they do this with their own kind but not with other dogs…it looks and sounds real rough and is noisey but it not as bad as it seems on the surface…and yep they do it for ages….



    i can accept that someone with your experience and breed insight would leave that kind of behaviour unmanaged but i am sure you also realise that for me this kind of situation in my home would make me incredibly anxious and as i said personally my choice would be to manage and it would be because of my worry that my anxiety would disturb the interactions (hehe – yes i do worry that much incase u havent met me!!).  its also more about where i am in terms of generally with pack things, with wills and bonnie i had to do alot of standing back and watching for a long while until i got the confidence to manage them what i’d call rather ‘clumsily’ (not meant to be a pun !!) but after that and misty and bonnie – wow that was so interesting i let them go longer once i was sure what was what, and then having sammie here was different again so i guess in a way i quite like the watching and cutting in when i feel its too much – that i can do this controls my anxiety about it.

    claire x

    p.s. FAB pictures !!  i cant get over how different they look facially too !


    i dont know much about steve’s latest or the pack structure but what i would say from those pics is that is typical rough clumber play….which they do only tend to do with their own kind or close pack mates…at this moment in time cubert and inga are at it just like those pics….have been for 45 mins now ….

    believe you me if one of them really really wanted that bit of twig there would be a fast serious fight and clumbers fight on their backs with neck holds not up on legs or circling like that..if you look at the last pic there is no facial aggression at all..they really would not get jaws and flews that close if that was serious disturbance…also clumbers dont forgive a lost serious fight..they hold a grudge big time…i would say they fine…looks to me like the tests are all done and dusted…but as i said not spoken to steve …

    think pics captures them perfectly…love the flew shots  🙂


    Having had only bitches over the past twenty years (yes, I’m that old :boooo:) I am finding having two dog quite interesting.

    Little Ailla just lets them get on with it but if Benson gets a little to much she soon puts him in his place.

    Jago shows quite a few dominance signs, tail held high etc. but does not exert his dominance very much, usually just letting Benson do his thing. If Jago gets fed up he soon puts Benson in his place with a swift telling off. Benson backs down and looks very sorry for himself.

    Benson came to me with a small problem with protecting his food and would growl if one of the other dogs were too close. With gentle perseverance and reassurance he is a lot better now. All three are fed together in quite close proximity, 3 or feet apart, with no problems.

    If the playing goes on too long I just step in and that is the end of it. I use the command “enough” and if necessary put myself in the dominant position by stepping between them without touching them.

    Strangely, Ailla and Jago used to be just the same but since Benson’s arrival she no longer bothers and looks on with quite a bemused look.

    Benson is only 9 months old but I do think that he may turn out to be the more dominant of the dogs as ages.


    ps. Question regarding licking. Benson will often go up to Jago and lick his face and lips. Is this a submissive or dominant behaviour. Thanks


    he is offering appeasement steve…and that is just fine…perfect just what you want…and glad the girlie knows when to step in… 🙂  i think you may be in for a suprise…i think jago will be the manager over him…remember a good manager (what you call dominance) is not the more ‘aggressive’ one but the thinker, the canny one, the diffuser…benson is still at the test it stage but if he offering the lick then you well on the way for balance…i would have an intermediate to ‘enough’…i would be doing a little re-enforcement of jago’s status…but especially the girlie…when she tells them back her up..if fact get ‘tell them’ on cue from you…then praise her, subtle praise to jago and a sort of lifes tough boyo to benson…and if it all gets manic

    WTF from the human pack boss works wonders

    cubert is now nursing a swollen lip  ::) serves him right for taking liberties with inga and inga needing amilou to sort it….can’t beat a good girlie when the balls try to have their say… 😀

    and yep claire…i understand where you at…believe you me had you been here in the last hour you would have been :canadian: :canadian:

    clumbers play rough but when they fight they do so real fast and quick and it over in seconds…they use that head and the back up of 35k of muscle and jaws that are huge in comparision to body weight/size and when they mean it then the world and his dog hears it…and they soak each other…real wet sticky slobber…it drips of them…

    seem fine to me steve…you in a learning curve…have fun  ;D


    Brilliant pics, all that over a silly twig  ;D  ;D

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