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    One of the lumps that was removed from Tila was shown as a mammary tumor. Quite a nasty one but we got it in the first stage and they managed to get it all out but she’s back to the vet again today because another lump can be felt exactly where the other one was. Feels the same but we are hoping it’s just going to be a fatty lump or even just some scar tissue. Fingers crossed the tumor hasn’t come back :-\


    She’s in for surgery tomorrow – looks like it’s back and the rate that it’s grown in such a short time is very alarming. They are going to do a full mammary strip on the one side and check to see it hasn’t gone to her lungs 🙁 Not good news at all :'(


    🙁  fingers crossed all goes well in the op and they can get it all out  xx for Tila


    Aw no!  We lost our first girlie to mammary cancer, it was all the way down her front by the end, she lived on for 4years after the initial diagnosis.  Hope she’s ok  :-*


    My mam said the Vet seemed extremely worried about how fast it had grown in just over a month so I’m just hoping it hasn’t spread much further :-\ Will just have to wait and see what they dig out tomorrow. Just seems to be one problem after another with Tila 🙁


    Fingers crossed Laura – let your mum know I am thinking of her – I know Tila is very special to her.  :-*


    So sorry Laura 🙁
    White light and healing thoughts for Tila :-*


    fingers crossed :-*


    So sorry Laura – let us know when you know more fingers and paws all crossed here  :-*


    Oh no… thinking of you all  :-*  :-*


    Thanks everyone :-* :-*

    She’s going in really early in the morning but because it will be such a big surgery (if they take out two of the mammary glands) we probably wont see her until wednesday. My dad will be distraught with out her ::) 😀

    My mam says thank you very much mudgie, she’s extremely grateful for yours and everyone else’s well wishes :-*

    fingers crossed it hasn’t spread 🙂


    Good luck, thinking of you today x


    Well good and bad news really.

    Chest x-rays prove that it hasn’t spread to her lungs

    They were going to remove the mammary gland that was effected along with the one it was joined to by nerves ect but for some reason – possibly her being badly bred – she only has four. They couldn’t tell which one the effected one was linked two so were going to have to remove three leaving one. They decided that it was better to take all of them out then just leaving one. Because of this it was a much bigger surgery than expected and they also went a lot deeper than they were going to, so she’s on morphine based pain killers and will be staying in for at least today and tomorrow morning.

    Bad news is that the tumor is all new 🙁 It was in a different spot than her last lump so unfortunately it means that it hasn’t just re-grown which doesn’t look good for the future.

    All we can do now is keep a close eye on her hope that it doesn’t come back.


    (((HUGS))) to you all :-* :-*


    Sorry Laura missed this thread

    Lots of hugs to you and the family and lots of hugs for Tila too  :-* :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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