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    That looks very neat and tidy – good good she be back on her feet soon  :-*


    oh wow…thats a big scar! how is she now laura?


    She’s really good Kerry :yes: Her usual self, it’s just a struggle to keep her from doing to much ::) It all seems to be healing quiet well 🙂


    thats great news laura  ;D


    Will have to get some before and after shots to show you all how it’s healing 🙂


    didn’t want to start up a completely new topic but good news is Tila’s tum is all healed up now, bad news is another hard lump has come back up in a totally fresh place :boooo:

    Off to the vet in a few days…..


    Aww what a worry – hope she’s ok – keep us posted Laura  :-*


    Hope everything’s OK


    forgot to mention Tila had another two lumps removed, from the other side this time. The vet said that one is the same as the other lumps but the other was a different type of tumor. Both benign (sp) but if left they could turn malignant. He doesn’t want to do another mammary strip on the other side unless absolutely necessary so for now it is a wait and see game.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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