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    >:D >:D >:D

    Next door neighbours have decided to let banging fireworks off – presumably doesn’t bother THEIR dog – either that or they don’t give a @?*! ….

    Dorain never used to bother with fireworks till where we used to live 5 yrs ago was more like WW III…. He doesn’t care if he’s out of the house and off lead.  :-\ And yes I hate the things – react to the noise they make, can’t help it – which I don’t suppose is helping.

    Mind you he’s not bad compared to some – he gets a bit panicky, but not hysterical – I am worse than him.  😀


    Dex gets fidgety when the wheeeeee whizzzzzzy ones go off, we have loads of army land round us so he’s used to shooting noise and bombs etc, maybe the pitch is too high, Kodi  on the other hand will stand in  the garden looking up at the sky watching them ::) good thing I suppose 🙂


    duibh used to come to the back door and watch them  😀 but dorain just isn’t keen. some idiot lads with bangers at new year didn’t help either.  🙁


    Toby seems OK so far, keeping an eye on him, where I used to live would have been a nightmare, kids think its funny to throw fireworks into people’s yards  >:D now we’re in a nice quiet area so hopeful for a quiet one.  Halloween was an odd one, we were out at a party so I’m guessing Toby saw off all the little ones with his barking!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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