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    By some miracle my new shop was eady to work in today – it not finished , needs painting and some more gates etc and shelves doing – and an extra lock on my dogs run a a dog ( mentioning no names eh MANNY!!) quickly worked out that if he rattled the gate the lock slides down……whereby he can let everyone else out and just sit in the run looking all innocent  :help:

    But was fletchers first time in a shop full stop and he did SO good only a couple accidents, he whined for a couple minutes then settled down with the other dogs, he spent time playing with manny and with toys – and lots of time snoozing – inbetween cuddles with my customers haha!

    [img width=351 height=468][/img]


    aww bless they look so cute ;D


    Bless em all asleep there  🙂 good luck with the shop Suz  :ok:


    Good luck with your shop  🙂


    good luck suz….now then aunty bev says this time…………….. 😉 😉 KYKO lol


    hahahah bev 😀

    all goig fine so far – has totally bankrupted me though, i hate that bit……but we will get by we always do – and in the long run its worth it!!


    you will be fine xxxx


    You are too good to fail missus  :order: :order:

    Best of luck with the shop, just sorry I cant come to see you and the shop and the pups  🙁


    Thanks bev xx

    i know Iz dont worry next time your local hopefully it will go to plan haha!!


    Well looks like will be that way in August now!  😉

    mind yesterday nearly dislocated my other ankle, today both were playing up, soo glad to have an auto now!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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