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    I’ve noticed that Fritz has the odd nail that is splitting or flaking right at the ends.. Isn’t the first time I’ve noticed it.. just wondering if it is a sign that he is lacking something in his diet?  :confused:


    more info xtine…just happening…all nails or not…when on a surface of a certain sort…when not…when damp or not..etc etc

    suz…whats this called then  🙂


    lupoid onychodystrophy  ;D  ???


    Cass occasionally get that when she does 3-point turns at 85mph.  :canadian:



    what the lupoid or the onychodystrophy  😀 😀


    ummmm……………..fritz needs a manicure – sorry not on my list of services  :nono:  :tease:

    Seriously – no idea Bev  :-[


    is on some not all of his nails.. will try and get a pic to show you… is almost like layers are peeling off on some of them  ???


    Could be an interesting thread as my Akita has flaky nails and I did give in and resort to her having her dew claw taken off as it started to cause problems and looked like we were heading down the route to infection.

    I was wondering if she needed any supplement of any type or if she just had poor quality nails?  None of our other dogs have ever suffered.



    Ask your vet, although there a number of conditions that result in brittle nails and their shedding, some help may be available via biotin supplements however it is best to consult your vet.


    funny this should pop up but i have noticed beaus dew claws are getting a little flaky/cracked, they are looking like the cat’s when she is about ready to shed a layer…if that makes sense  :ok: (love these new smiley’s they’re great)


    You can give Biotin It is used in the equine world to encourage good hoof formation. When i started using this I used the only type on the market which was for horses, but now Gold label now make on specifically for dogs


    it may also be normal shedding…happens with some breeds when full moult in flow…


    sp what is it called?  ;D


    Kiz…could explain why my Akita’s nails aren’t good at the mo, she has been blowing her coat since just before Crufts and it still hasn’t completely finished….very unlike the breed!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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