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    Hi, we have a goldy which is 2 years old, just. When it is time to have his Flea Drops he really is getting worse. He just up runs away, growls at you and really goes off on one.
    Any ideas on what to do next? We are running out of ideas now. We have even put his musle on so as to calm him down a bit, but that is not working that well iether.
    We have this every month and are really not looking forward to the next time. We could understand if it hurt him but it is only a bit of cold liquid on the neck.


    maybe he is having a reaction to something in the drops, stan has a reaction to some drops


    have a look for Val’s grooming spray recipe… it is cheap and easy to mix.. keeps for yonks and will not harm your dog, makes pooch smell good, is good for their skin and is chemical free.. much better than putting your dog thru the trauma of drops and the side effects of the chemicals..

    also some garlic in the diet helps too


    We have tried 2 ldiffent lots of flea drops and they are both the same, or should I say have the same affect


    Hi Walt, some dogs do have a bad reaction to flea drops so maybe it makes his skin sore.
    There are other options,
    Val’s grooming spray

    Billy No Mates! by CSJ herbs

    or Neem oil products


    He does it cos he can and I bet you make a fuss – if he HAS to have drops (personally dont use them and have it from the horses mouth so to speak that many of the drops arnt working – my customers dogs are testament to that…infact my own dogs one of the only dogs who HASNT had fleas)

    anyway what do you do say when he has them on – muzzling no good you just making it a bad experience…………


    Hi, we have finally bought a product called ‘Billy No Mates’. It says on the side that you have to allow 6 weeks for it to work. Does that mean that you have to put a scoop full in every meal? It also says something about start using it from the spring onwards. Do they not get anything like fleas and other nasties in the winter?
    Walt ???


    Think you use a scoop a day, Wags can tell you more she has used it for ages ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As long a your home is flea free you should be OK, the cold will keep them inactive outside.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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