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    But good things for a change.

    FOr starters this morning I bravely let Honey eat a WHOLE rib – yep nearly two years of raw and I have always taken the ends away  :embarrass: she managed just fine and chewed the last bit very carefully into little bits and didnt just swallow it! And then spat out a sharp bit and refused to eat that  ::)

    Shes been having her pills and pumpkin seeds bev and LOTS of raw meat – every day at the moment, and i think there is a little improvement already  :yes: she certainly not itchy at all…………..

    and Bev – or Val you probably got the answer for this one – potatoes can she have the skins? Im sure all dogs can but wanted to check re the Diva  :-*


    well done Suz :-* i bet the little Diva thought she was in heaven being able to finish her morning rib :yes:
    i’m glad her skin is looking clearer to, it’s brilliant when you can see an improvement and know she’s on the best diet that’s out there ;D


    Great news Suz :),potatoe skins don’t bother Travis’s skin,but the Diva has a much bigger problem than Travis so I think Bev or Val is the best to advise


    Thanks Laura I think Honey was just pleased I didnt take any away from her for once  :embarrass:  :-*

    Thats what I thought Mel – we getting back on track i dont want to give her something i shouldnt  :-\


    I have read on google not to let dogs eat potato skins – especially if they have green patches as these are toxic


    [quote author=Aly12 link=topic=12862.msg247497#msg247497 date=1225139447]
    I have read on google not to let dogs eat potato skins – especially if they have green patches as these are toxic

    I think as a rule potato skins are fine – it just whether they are fine for Honey……….  🙂


    aww…good …bet she enjoyed her rib  🙂

    green skin on potatoes not good…raw potaotes not good

    cooked potatoes with the skins are fine…my lot drool for the baked potato skins…one of cuberts faves… 🙂 i fill them with yoghurt….potatoes roasted in the oil from sardines are a great treat…
    the skin is a good source of vit c and vit b6…mineral wise they contain copper, potassium and manganese and they a good source of fibre …also and even better …the skins contain phytonutrients and these are source of antioxidants ….good for older dogs….we save all our veg peelings (except onion family etc) and lightly cook them for the dogs….


    yup she loved it  :yes:

    no no will cook potatoes-  well will try  :embarrass: and will cook skins too good good thanks Bev  :-*

    shes doing well though just thought id keep you updated  :yes:


    Tis easy, boil em up till you can stick a knife through the tatoe!  ;D


    is fine – till i forget about them, needs me a timer i think  :canadian:


    ball and chain might suffice!  😀 😀 :tease:


    :surprise:  😀  😀


    Ok Bev – lots of bones and lots of meat = Honey struggling go toilet  ::) not badly she can go but is clearly difficult – she getting lots of oil………would more veggies help? cos she not eating many – she says to tell you she hates them and sprouts are only good for spitting high speed across the kitchen floor  ::)

    Otherwise we are all good and she looking well  :yes:


    what type of bones and what meat to fat ratio you feeding….has she the sardines in oil? what oil are you using on the bones?


    pork ribs and chicken bones – all sorts of chicken. no idea re fat to meat sorry bev  :embarrass: yep she having sardines in oil – but not all the oil cos it makes her bad….and oil uhmmm olive oil like it says on her diet sheet  ;D off to work now  :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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