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    These are very funny.  ;D  :agree:

    We know who our Royalty are.  😉

    Think I am schizophrenic, I have aspects of so many.  😀


    Toxic Granny really amuses me.  ;D ;D ;D


    this is really clever! :yes: you can really match some people up to some of the character’s 😀

    i think there have been quite a few of these –
    Troller is looking for a response…ANY response, and he will chum the waters with complaints, insults, compliments, and inflammatory tidbits hoping that someone…ANYONE, will take the bait. Generally quite harmless – practices a form of catch and release. Nonetheless, he can upset the delicate ecology of a discussion forum. Once a forum becomes aware of his presence, however, all feeding activity ceases and Troller must move on to more promising waters.


    haha they are very funny !!

    Val is defiantely a “royal” 🙂

    and I know which one I am too !!!

    Claire x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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