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    i advised foxy to go steady with the mad4foxhounds post…i then pm’ed fox to ask what you knows…she edited her reply…i am off to mothers so wont be on tonight but just to put yu in the know these are foxy’s pm’s

    ‘yeah i no, but everything i said is true.  

    she trains with the agility club laura goes to, everyone thats had experience of her comes to the same conclusion…she’s a nightmare.

    my situation is with her is, she occasionally offers dog walking to a  HV and GSP we walk.  We don’t allow them off the lead because of various reasons.  We had them out once last year and saw her out, she was like ‘oh i let them off, they’ll be fine with my dog around etc’ there was no one else around so mandy though ok then.  Her dogs play SO rough, verging on chaos, they started playing, hyping up the dogs, out of no where a springer was stood behind me, i turned just in time to see the hv and gsp jump on its back, literally tearing shreds off the springer, they both chased it down, there was blood everywhere, but the lady with the springer was fine.  I finally got hold of the gsp, kaylee had the vizzie, Jackie strolled over grabbed his collar and flipped him on his back pinning him, the whole time bawling at him. He was foaming at the mouth, his eyes were white. I was furious, he was in our care and why did we listen to her?!!     we’d been trying to work out why he was so neck shy and now i know.

    She’s the type of person who thinks if she’s all out aggressive to the dogs, they’ll behave, maybe she doesn’t use a choke chain but id rather that than the methods she does use’

    i then asked foxy if the owners had been informed of the incident…

    ‘I’ve edited it 

    yeah, the owner is a lady who’s dogs can do no wrong in her eyes, she said use a pet corrector 
    I’ve got a few customers who complained about her forcefulness taking the dogs round the agility course, she’s of the opinion that no dog will get the better of her.

    i also suspect she was behind the whole issue with Laura and paula from doggy days r.e the whole behaviourist thing and blaming creche for some of his behaviours ‘

    keep an eye as laura has posted re dodger…..

    jhave fun  ::)…it silly season  🙂 if it gets stupid dont lock the thread…move it to mods area until val or i can get on…


    ok bev will do.

    just read through it all ok at the moment  :ok:

    However the foxhound women – posted that toby is an irish terrier – uhm yey ok then  ::)  :canadian:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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