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    It is Dog Club relevant, Alex’s uncle would like to publicise his kennels online!  I have used freewebs to create a site but am confused as to what I have done in reality.  I think I have created a webpage/site but not under their premium service, we want it to be free as the kennel business is a start up so we trying to keep overheads at a minimum, if there is such a thing i.e. for how long will we be allowed to use this page for free, are they likely to close it down or ask us to pay in a few months?  I may just be suspicious as I really cannot find anything on freewebs to say otherwise!  We don’t want to use the page for anything more than advertising on free online directories for people looking for kennels.  Is like the blind leading the blind at the mo as we’re a bit clueless!


    Long time since i used Freewebs but i think they have to be deleted manually by yourself, otherwise they are kept online indefinately (but i am not 100% certain). Even if there is a time limit all you usually need to do is just log in once a month to show that the account is still active.

    *My keyboard can’t spell properly today*  :-[


    Lovely, thanks Mark, will put up a reminder in my calendar to log on each month!


    Thanks for moving it Val, was looking for where to put it and missed Webpages  :-[


    And you can upgrade the site any time you like, the shouldnt delete it long as you log on regularly to keep the site updated.



    you need to look in their T&C’s as its a business website or they may be in touch with you.

    freewebs and similar make money by shoving annoying advertising on your site so once you get annoyed with it putting up junk they hope you’ll join.  the service i use for bev’s site is good. 

    Claire x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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