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    it always amazes me how clean his legs come out.. they are almost silver they shine so much…. and as for his beard… OMG you should see the colour of the water that comes out of that  :-X and i kiss him everyday  :-X  😀 next time I will photograph him when we wash it.. it has to be seen to be believed doesn’t it Suz?  😮
    we been having gorgeous cuddles.. he’s all silky and sexy again  ;D


    yeah not so clean now though is he Christine  ::)  >:D  😀

    I will make sure we take photos of the beard washing next time – god knows what germs hes carrying around in it hahaha I kiss him to before hes washed Christine  😛  😀

    [quote author=*Nick* link=topic=12245.msg236760#msg236760 date=1218976723]
    Gorgeous Fritzy!

    In all seriousness Suz you really do a super job on the boy…he never looks “groomed” just very natural.

    Awww thanks Nick  :-*


    he tried his hardest today to get filthy… he rolled on his back SO much today.. I have never seen anything like it  😀 he found a muddy bog with an Otter hound and came out spotless and then rolled in dust under a tree for ages.. still came out handsome… he did it again and again on the way back to the car  >:D he still gorgeous… the beard however  ::)

    oh and we met an irish wolf hound (?) I think  :-\ it was MAHOOSIVE… took some pics of them walking near eachother, they don’t do it justice really.. made `fritz look so small  :Dwill see if p’bucket is playing nicely and will upload them  😉 Fritz didn’t know what to make of him.. he was very impressed with him tho  ;D


    Iwant to see potos now of the irish wolfhound!  ;D

    Im glad hes managed to stay fiarly clean lol!  :-*


    will upload  :-*


    Thank you SO much Suz. Just got home to see the beast (and Fritz) and I reckon he looks better than ever. You’ve done another amazing job on him – wonderful 🙂 I don’t know why tho, but he doesn’t ‘arf smell of scrambled eggs . . . 😉


    scrambled eggs  ??? you lost me lol!

    YOu wait till Christine sees what you called her haha  😀

    Bet Fritz was glad to see you, so he can complain about being made to look so wonderful  😀


    Why am i only seeing this after 5days?  ::)

    He looks gorgeous as ever!  :-*


    thank you.. he still looking good a week later  :-* despite finding all the muddle puddles to drink from and rolling under the same tree lots and lots and lots.. must be where Mr Fox sleeps  ::)


    xtine, did you post the wolfhound pics?


    nope… R took my phone – comp cable away with him.. it’s back now will give it a whirl  😉


    here ya go.. they not v good quality cause the dog wouldn’t keep still and i was secretly taking pics  😀

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    [img width=351 height=468][/img]

    the pics don’t do his size any justice.. he was so tall  😮 and his goolies were HUGE  😀


    yup, that a wolfy alright!  Spectacular creatures, really magnificent. It would have been awe inspiring to see one at the height of its’ hunting powers all those years ago.

    Was Fritz fascinated with him?  Sadie goes absolutely giggly when she meets a Dane or other giant  ;D


    He was.. I think he wanted to jump on and have a ride  😀 he was very impressed by him.. as I was  ;D


    Lookin Good Fritzy  lurves Kodikins :-* :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)
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