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    i love david attenborough’s programmes but the latest frozen planet one is brill..the beautiful artic wolves hunting with their babes is great photography…if you missed it it worth cathing up  🙂

    ami howled back when one of them did the pack call…livs who was fast asleep..shot up with ‘what where when’  ;D


    Aww i forgot it was on 🙁


    What channel was it on?


    BBC 1 so you can see it on iplayer  🙂


    [quote author=Izzie link=topic=16079.msg281238#msg281238 date=1320274012]
    BBC 1 so you can see it on iplayer  🙂

    :ok: Thanks ;D

    Travis 1

    I am recording the series on Sky ,everyone I have spoken to say it’s brilliant.
    Only trouble I find Mr Attenborough’s voice so soothing I can fall to sleep listening to him,had better get some matchstick’s ready ;D


    i have recorded and watched it also – to then stick on dvds for later viewing

    its an amazing series and the photography is outstanding


    Have heard its good… apparently a bit sad when the penguins get eaten…  :-\


    just started ….

    cubes watching the baby polar bears…think he thinks they clumbers  ;D


    daft dog ;D


    he was most disturbed at the hungry wolf babes that got no dinner of musk ox  :'(

    ami returned the pack howl  ::)


    At least they are watching educational tv, all I am getting from Willow is snoring ::)


    on in ten minutes  🙂


    cheers Kiz :ok:


    haha….ami was fast asleep…shot up awake and was looking all over the was the seals clicking…daft dog… 😀

    and that male wolf?  wuss….typical….leaving all the work to the female…bet he soon went back for a steak..

    cubert fascinated by the penguins  ::) nose on tele  ::) ::)

    mummumcanihaveapenguinforchristmas  :yes: cubert

    noyouagundogstupid  >:D amilou

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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