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    does anyone have any advice on how you would go about gaining the trust of an animal that had been severally traumatised and possible beaten???


    You talking dog here


    no horses but any surgestions would be helpfull


    Sit in a corner and ignore the horse, talk to yourself or sing in a quiet voice, no eye contact at first and no sudden movement. Let the animal come to you, if you have carrot, aniseed balls or polos drop some on the floor – you need to be as non-threatening as possible.


    I agree with Lassie, you need to be as calm as poss and let the horse come to you, just take it really slowly  🙂


    thanks lassie and Nat, we did that for several weeks just sat in the field with a few carrots and nuts.
    i need to gain his trust because every time we touch him he flinchs and i believe that he thinks we are going to hurt him.
    perhaps i need to go back and just spend time with him without asking anything from him like touching him??


    let him sniff you before you touch him.
    Husband said take him into the field, stand with your back to it, ignore and let the horse come to you. When it comes to you walk away, then after a little while stand still, turn and face it, let the horse come to you. Put your hand out open palm and let it sniff you, slowly touch it on the neck. Every movement has to be slow and if the horse backs off take it back a step. Repeat until the horse is more confident.
    Husband has been with horses over 30 years, I just got told off, never trap in a box. The first time you try in the field the horse will run around, just ignore with your back to it.


    What makes you think he has  been beaten and traumatised apart from the flinching?

    Some horses, like some dogs, are very touch sensitive and flinch a lot, nothing to do with being beaten.


    thanks Lassie, the horse lives out so i will deffinatly give this a try and see how we get on.

    Sweetype we think he has been beaten or harshly treat because he has a long scar right behind his ears (were the headcollar lies) he is very jumpy, you can not go near him wih a stick of any sort (even a tree branch) and if you move a bit to quickly he runs from you. this is just a few things. i am no expert on animal behavour but just by the way he is i think he may have been traumatised at some point

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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