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    This new member has loads of usernames under the ip so would rather Colin checked it first – I see Cotonastick is amongst the ip range  >:D  :-\




    It is OK, his e-mail address is AOL and that IP address is from AOL.

    The reason there is a lot of members with that IP addresses is that when you are a member of AOL, AOL give you an IP address while you are surfing.  When you stop (turn your computer off or there is no activity for however long) they take the IP address off you and give it to the next AOL member who starts surfing.

    Another way of seeing where the IP address is from is to visit and put in the IP address or what address you are worried about.

    I have seen web addresses from Saudi Arabia, Russia and India from doing this.

    Not to worry, if in doubt, leave it.  I have managed to get on a little more than normal, but you guys are still beating me to it.  Cheers Colin


    Ok thanks Colin  🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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