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    wish I had that, is there anywhere you can have video’s turned into dvds?  My girls watch the vid all the time and I’m worried it might wear out!

    Will venture into the attic to find my album, will be funny though as I had really short hair then!  I look loads different now!  and Pete looks loads younger 😀  What married life has done to him I don’t know ??? 😀 😀


    am sure you can with modern technology these days Lisa  🙂
    and now you get up that ladder and get them photos down  ;D


    ;D Wow wow look at the sparkles you two girls! :-*
    Mine came out of a xmas cracker 26 years ago hehehe!


    Aw Helen, lovely video, lovely church, didnt see the ring though, just sat there thinking, couldnt never imagine you two shooting and skinning rabbits 😀

    Any camera shop should do it Lisa 🙂


    of course clumbers at a wedding  ::) they are slow and stately and regal and….- they do a good slow walk and will hold a train – it might be a bit slobber marked after but they will look good  ::)  ;D

    so richard ..you got ..what 10 months to get a doctorate in teaching for a times ad  :-* :-*

    i dont do bling but i guess the rings are nice  ;D

    wags – that looked great – and the handsome one can get fed here anytime cos as you know Mo thinks he just …well… handsome and neglected ..mind you she thinks most guys are neglected but he has the bonus of being handsome  ::)

    bisto- regardless of where ever – how many years now?…. uhuh then…..

    lisa – i know just the man pm me


    then me needs a full on white dress with a train  😉  😀


    [quote author=xtine link=topic=10340.msg194814#msg194814 date=1199728975]
    😮 OMG… do you think they have?  😀

    Just goes to show what exceptional taste they both have eh?  😉

    Can’t believe we have the same ring… but I agree – good taste boys  ;D

    Love that vid wags  🙂


    I want clumbers at mine too  😛

    Not sure about Loki for page boy….  😮


    Mo you can have him – in his sailor suit and all

    although he only had the one medal then for Kosovo
    hes got a gulf one and a NI one now too



    😀 bloody hell wags – dont do that to me

    you say sailor suit – i see us lot as kids in ….
    i think – lord – joe…. errm  :-* :-*

    😀 😀

    now sailors uniform …

    mo would take him in his rough  ::) he needs breakfasts in bed remember  ::)

    actually thinking about this
    both of them how ever

    but then i would be on the way to stay with you – with at least 3 clumbers in tow  ;D ;D


    Can’t believe you two have the same ring  😀

    Love the video Wags – fab setting  🙂

    Ok here’s a few of mine  ;D You could always get married in red Christine as its at Christmas  ;D

    [img width=347 height=468]http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p99/Dobeymad/wedding1.jpg[/img]
    [img width=353 height=468]http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p99/Dobeymad/wedding2.jpg[/img]

    Can’t believe that was 3 years ago  😮


    I love the colour of your dress Nat.. beautiful and very christmassy  :-* not sure it would go with my hair tho?  :-\


    the church is at the foot of Helm Crag aka the lion and the lamb

    from one side it looks like a lion and a lamb from the other it looks like a bloke playing a piano

    thats a lovelly dress Nat


    How about green then Christine  ;D  😉


    Green looks lovely with red hair

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 940 total)
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