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    well all i can say is thank goodness i’m having the traditional bridal march in and whatever it is to go with that out, or we would never decide  >:D 1st dance  ??? dont know, i like what i like and chris likes what he likes and we both cant decide. (‘our song’ was stangers in the night but  :P) i like eva cassidy songbird as 1st dance chris not so keen we both like moonriver, but dont think it suitable as 1st dance –
    what we have to choose a last dance too  ???  ;D

    nice songs Xtine

    so what are you having coming in and out and signing Christine? Sarah?


    not sure what to walk in to.. or out to.. but signing will be Nina Simone –  ‘my baby just cares for me’… we have a three piece jazz band playing before and after the ceremony  ;D


    they can play any of these:

    A fine romance           I left my heart in San Francisco
    All of me                   I loves you porgy
    All the things you are   I’m in the mood for love
    As time goes by           It had to be you
    Autumn leaves           Misty
    Basin St Blues           Mood indigo
    Black orpheus           My favourite things
    Blue bosa                   Pennies from heaven
    Blue moon                   Petite fleur
    Come fly with me        Satin doll
    Days of wine and roses       Sweet Georgia Brown
    Don’t mean a thing if it aint got swing Take the A Train
    Embraceable you             The lady is a tramp
    Fly me to the moon     The Shadow of your smile
    Georgia                     The way you look tonight
    Girl from Ipanema       Time after time
    Have you met Miss Jones    When I fall in love

    my friend had them at her wedding and she walked into the pink panther.. was hilarious  😀

    have to sit and listen to all the songs and choose.. or suggest our own…  :-\


    They played More Than words everyday when we were on our our honeymoon, always reminds me of  it as we drove across Florida in convertible ;D

    Got it playing full blast as I type, thanks for memories Xtine :-*


    awwww.. that’s nice Sue  :-*


    cant remember the name of the music we had, its really well known :-[ and it was the sig tune to a program about a guy in the war, will go see if I can find it


    I will find it!!        in the meantime I found this one, quite like it, words are nice



    almost an hour but i found it 😀

    Pachelbel Canon in D  think we had it playing while we were signing



    Ooh Extreme!  :-* :-*  😀

    I always wanted this song when i get married

    from romeo+juliet, ok the words are a bit sad but its a lovely song!  😀


    ooooooooo no Foxy :'(  Its supposed to be a happy day 😀

    I think if you get married in a church you should really have some traditional music, I know its nice to be a bit ‘different’ but, I dont know it just doesnt seem right if you know what I mean, not that I’m religious either,  and  I got married in a marquee in our garden but I still kept it traditional, maybe its a sign of the times :-\


    oh Foxy… I love that one… is gorgeous  :-*  :-*

    R just shouted in from the kitchen..we are NOT having that. is depressing  ::)


    LOL,i don’t think of it like that though, i just always loved it from the film where they see each other through the fishtank


    ahhh is a great film  ;D


    First dance is a secret  ;D

    haven’t chosen music to walk in and out to… I wanted the traditional stuff – but have been told by my mate at work that I should be more original – he found me some trumpet voluntary thing which is lovely – but I would really need a trumpeter  ::)  So basically not decided  ::)

    But – we only have the church organist for the church – so music might be limited to what he can play  😀


    I love the organ  ;D especially when they play out of key and try and recover  😀


    The organ in our church is pretty much always off key  😀

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