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    :'(  Early this morning  a massive bee got in through the bedroom window and it must have been buzzing so loud its frightend the dog soooooooo much she wont go back in the bedroom!
    What shall i do……… i tried showing her it wasnt there anymore and settled her into bed again but she isnt having it!
    Now she wont go back in there.
    Any suggestions pleaseee.


    make sure she is really hungry then put her dinner in there …dont speak as in say nothing to her….leave door open and walk away…when she has eaten dinner…a quick good lass…nothing else…lift up dish and walk away with it..

    hugs to the wee one from aunty bev



    Poor Sadie  :-*  I’ve noticed there are some massive bees about :surprise:


    ahh poor girl  :-*


    poor girlie :-* dodger was the bee catcher last year ::) >:( will have to make sure i nip that in the bud before it starts again this year ::)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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