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    Spoken to Pauline via email and voiced my concerns about Jess’ paw.

    As it turns out the practicals will be done in January as there isnt enough time to do them at the weekend!!

    SO I have some more time to teach Jess to find her toy – so that she doesnt have to do the jump with control.


    goodo…and there was maureen thinking she got rid of boyo while ami on heat hehe…..

    and yep the wee cow…all those months and years…seasons crap.. came on in april..came on now..regular as …full season…let me at him …bloody madam..why me…why do i get this…what did i do? ….anyway…glad you aint going to fall behind…he will have to go to aunty meryl and ruin her weekend  😀


    Am still happy to take him if you want me too!!  ;D ;D ;D


    thats fab news Izzie  ;D  ;D


    Just as well really, she is doing her tripod impression again :'( :'(


    oh dear  :-\

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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