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    2 weeks today! still praying the poodle doesnt come into season – she will be 8 months by time we go so……………and the airedales had a real tough time with a bad eye – i hope to hear soon if shes going to be ok – news is so far shes doing ok – to be honest im more concerned she doesnt lose her eye let alone make the comp – playing it by ear.

    Honey will go if the poodle cant………………. ;D


    How exciting!  ;D

    Whats the Airedale done to her eye? hope its ok :-*


    ooooh cool.. am sure you’ll do wel.. you still getting a lift with the Airedale or you taking the new pug?


    Izzie I cant remember  i got it in an email somewhere – was nasty though, i never heardof it before keep meaning to google it!

    airedales daddy is driving us up  ;D


    Ooh good luck Suz!!  You will do great!  Look how well you did at the one we came too! :ok:


    thanks Lisa – fingers crossed, still undecided as to what trim i do on the poodle – had made mind up – mind now unmade lol!  😀


    Go Suz Go Suz  you’ll do brilliantly :-*


    Hope someone is taking photos 🙂


    thanks sue!  ;D

    heard today – airedale is nearly out the woods so fingers crossed, to be honest not given the comp as much thought as i should as more worried about the dog!  :-\

    yup lassie, assuming all goes to plan both owners are coming along – they BETTER remember cameras  ;D


    Good luck Suz, fingers crossed for you  :yes:  :-*


    Best of luck Suz!  You’re going to do great!  8)


    good luck hun and glad that doggy is doing better now  :yes:


    thanks you guys  ;D  :-*

    still not made mind up what to do with the poodle…………………


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=12569.msg243511#msg243511 date=1222980853]
    thanks you guys  ;D  :-*

    still not made mind up what to do with the poodle…………………

    Is it a black poodle?  if it is you should do a “conk”  :canadian: :agree:

    😉 😉


    yes its a black poodle – however what is a conk?  ???  im guessing my answer will still be no once i find out  😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 60 total)
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