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    This schnauzer fan thinks he’s gorgeous  :-*… but i know nothing about grooming  😀


    Pics are a bit dark on older eyes  ::) his body looks nice and flat no sticky up bits, you need to just keep your scissors against the head when you do the eye brows the brow closest to the head looks a bit wide so you are not getting that really sharp look and his legs are a bit close cut they should be more hairy like this one, I need more pictures as you can’t see his eyebrows as the wind is blowing



    thank u both i was so chuffed with him

    i didnt take the leg right off on the first one i did but on this boy i did like cocker spaniel legs as she wanted it all really short so i thought that would give a better finish rather than just having short all over legs made the feathing look a bit longer than what it was, if he hadnt of need to have the op i would of asked if i could clip him but grow out all of his feathing to try a show trim as his coat lays so nice

    i tried to thining under the eye brows this time which made it look better, is there a way i can make his eye brows longer without them being long sounds a bit silly, after looking at the pics i can see what u mean about the pics i was gonna takes some more but after standing 45min as soon as i let him off he went for a sleep bless him

    do u think iv come off enough off the back legs i dont think i went right to the hock last time so i did this time

    she had had a few of her others done last week and i was looking at them and they seemed to be even shorter when he stood nr them he looked really long i used a 7f thats the shortest i go on a body but it looked like the other groomer had used a 10 do u think a 10 is to short to do a whole body with? but even there feathing was short only about 1cm or a bit longer wish i had taken a pic of them now

    he was such a gem tried to sneak him in my box of tools but i got cought lol


    He looks real good Bryony – he really does  ;D just a couple of little things that would make it even better

    Eyebrows – as Val said at the back corner of his eye- it needs to be shorter and up a little if that makes sense

    And I would of clipped more under his chin into his beard/side of face – need again to be in line with the corner of his eye. Will put up a pic of Mr Fritz so you can see what I mean  ;D Hopefully it will make sense am never very good at explaining things, far easier to show someone  ::) but seriously you did a good job – if you had been allowed to leave his legs longer he would of looked even smarter  :-*

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    There look at Fritz’s eyebrows – nice and tight to the corner of his eye  🙂 and as you had to do such a short beard I find it looks longer if you come in closer ok?


    Work with the dog merrow if you have an older dog or one thats not good on the legs let them sit.
    You could never groom a showdog sitting down but you could do his face, just don’t trim his front with him sitting down  😮 otherwise you will be looking at a chest fringe behind his elbows.

    I do a lot of old dogs that can’t stand for long so on a pet let them sit for awhile that way you can play to your heart content  ;D I would not go as close as a 10 on the body


    ooooh look at that handsome dog  😮  ;D


    [quote author=xtine link=topic=5578.msg164069#msg164069 date=1186942822]
    ooooh look at that handsome dog  😮  ;D

    LOL look familiar does he  😀  😀


    yeah but not seen him for a while…. he’s a tidy handsome boy… my schnauzer has a meaty greasy beard, not a clean one like that  ;D


    Roflol – that makes Fritz sound very attractive  😀


    thanks suz i get what u and val are saying about the eye brows will try harder next time on them

    lol he was being silly i tried to get him to sit but she said he seems to hurt when he sits and gets up so i think thats y he would not sit with how ever much effort apart from the semi squat he did when i did his tail  >:D

    i thought a 10 was rather short for the body but i think thats what they have been done with the other groomer is a judge or something so she said i think man from finnland she  is going to see if i can watch in when he dose one of hers to pick any pointers up 🙂


    wow that is a handsom boy there  :-* :-*


    You really did do a good job on him Bry really you did ;D Wish I had more schnauzers to groom  🙁

    I dont use a ten either – normally a 5f if anything


    loll mwahhhhhhhh i have a breed u dont lol im allways so enviouse of u as u seem to get so many breeds ur way that i dont and iv got 7 of these little ones in one house lol

    they are all so sweet i was watching them play in the garden it was so funny poppy the baby sister latest of the rescues kept putting her head inside billys mouth then like huggin him it was so funny



    Yeah alright dont rub it in  >:(  😉  ;D

    I now have another lovely poodle on the books  ;D little toy poodle  ;D


    shut it u lol dont be a meany  >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D

    i might just have to move out so i can get my self one lol


    😛  😛  ;D  ;D very pretty poodle  ;D  and smart arse that I am have mannaged to book four poodles in just a few days apart  ::)

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