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    >:( ::)
    Some people  >:( >:( :'(


    utterly rediculouse >:( :'(


    didnt the RSPCA do this in the summer? ‘colour of cat doesn’t match the carpet’ etc


    >:(  >:(  :'(



    i wouldnt be suprised at someone saying this for real apparently one of mine was “too jumpy and barky” (helloooo .. you bought a jack russell cross border collie ….?) and the other was incontinent due to inappropriate & over-feeding by the same family who took her to be put down at 16 months, only 6 months after paying for her from …

    claire x


    Should we really be surprised, we live in a throw away society 🙁
    Or as Grandad always said, some people haven’t the brain to keep their ears apart


    what concerns me is that by publicising the real daft reason it could encourage people to acutally think their crappy reasons are more valid !!  🙁


    so sad 🙁


    that is so sad. but i must admit one of my Friends considered the colour of his dog before he got it. he wears black suits alot of the time so wanted a black dog to minimize the appearance of hairs on his work cloths. so he got a black lab.

    my girls are all chipped apart form Echo who will be getting done soon. they were also tatooed by the breeder, and waire an indigo tag on there collar that should never come off when they are running about.  would recomend them.

    i dont know if this is still true but last i heard it is not the law that the police should have a microchip scanner on the premises, and it is not part of there procedure to check for one. it makes you wonder what to point of the chip is.


    I dont think considering the colour BEFORE you get a dog is quite the same – for example I wouldnt have a white poodle……..its just the using it as an excuse to dump the dog!  🙁

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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