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Guess what i just got :D

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Dogs Guess what i just got :D

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    i have just got a bike ;D i took stan down to the park just to see what he would make of me on a bike and he was fine once he had got used to it.

    so i was wondering how is the best way to get him fit enough to come out on long bike rides with me? obviously i wont be doing anything to much as he is still getting over being poorly (and i need to get a bit fitter aswell) but once it is all sorted i would like to take him out on the bike with me (not riding a bike with me of course 😀 ) and was wondering the best way to get us both into shape ;D


    take it slow and easy – you have to increase BOTH your fitness

    i bike with mine and we go miles


    well my park is quite small so i was thinking of walking down there then cycling round and walking back to start with then gradually work it up to maybe cycling round twice then three times ect do you think that would work?


    Find somewhere safe (not the public highway) and get a springer if you can, which makes life easier and safer.

    Take TPR when at rest and then measure after a mile or so.

    Gradually increase pace and distance.

    I have done the AD with both my dogs and that involves 13 miles of trotting beside bike and a short obedience test afterwards to demonstrate dog still fit.

    Examine paws regularly, as if on tarmac your dog could get sore feet.

    I bike mine 2/3 times a week.


    whats TPR mean? and AD?

    i do want to get a springer though ;D


    also his breathing returned to normal (for him) after about 5 mins, is that good?


    uhm i think thats about knowing your dog – if Oban took that long id be poking him but my dogs are very fit – the weather is a big factor as well – if its peeing it down id prob do a few more laps – if its hot then i dont bother

    my local park is huge and ive got about a 15 mins bike ride down the canal first

    so i walk to the canal – let dogs off – get on bike – take it really steady down the path – do one circit of park at a blast one slow then another blast then take it steady down the canal home

    jump off bike and walk back – dogs breathing normal by the time we walk through the door


    T for temperature
    P for pulse
    R for respiration

    The fitter the dog the lower all of the above will be and the less time it will take for breathing to return to normal


    oh ok so how would you check the pulse? and what should it all be at when normal?


    Pulse is inside of hind leg, have a poke round, you’ll find it…don’t press hard, don’t know what a resting heartrate should be for Stan


    ok thanks i will have a go a couple times a day when hes at rest and work out his average or something


    Oweee! Sore bum time!LOL!  😀


    it was my arms that hurt more than my butt, but yep once i get doing the longer distances  ;D


    you have to find his ‘gait’ mode..his energy saver….the lope of the wolf is the nearest comaprison i can think of at the moment…


    do you mean his long loping trot type thing 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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