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    Veal scallopinni!

    guess what I was going to have for dinner—-Veal Scallopinni!!

    she’s so bloody………………………….french!  >:(


    shouldnt, but… pmsl. Sorry Nick  😉


    ROFLOL Nick  😀  😀

    Did Sadie just join the counter surfers club lol  ;D  😀

    Cheer up Nick on the plus side I didnt manage to beat you on the quiz yesterday  😉


    ooooppsssss naughty Sadie >:D >:D


    yum yum

    Nacho once counter surfed fillet steak off a plate.  >:( Andy calmed opened his mouth and removed the fillet streak from it and promptly ate it  ;D

    Dont know who was more dumbfounded me or nooch  ;D


    😀 😀 😀 i bet sadie loved that


    mmmmmmm  ;D the girl has good taste  😀


    Welcome to the countersurfersclub Sadie
    The Karakara Girls


    Way to go Sadie *LOL


    A girl after my own heart  :-* Toby


    Perhaps she fancied a change ;D or were you late with her dinner?
    Sure she will let you have her meal instead if you are hungry >:D


    Yes, yes it very funny  😀

    I’d spent an hour preparing it, beating, making rye breading with parm and spices, dipped it in egg breaded them then placed them on a rack to dry before frying……..

    I then decided to go out to the garage for a smoke…I had 1/2 a cigarette came back in she’s standing in the hallway looking like butter wouldn’t melt…she then runs upstairs to bed…not a good sign….i go into the kitchen to find that she’d very very carefully taken 2 of the four from the rack barely spilling a single crumb and no doubt wolfed them down  ::)

    she’s a menace i tell you an absolute menace  :-*


    Lol  😀 Well at least she left you some  😀


    Shes trying to get you to stop smoking  😉  😀  😀 if you hadnt gone for a smoke and all  😉

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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