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    A SKUNK !!!!!!!!!!

    Got the full blast right in the face.  Went out for a pee this morning at 5 am came running back in jumped on my bed rubbed her face all over the duvet before I could grab her. Whole house stinks of skunk  :'(    Can’t buy any skunk shampoo yet…because it’s 5 am

    wiped her face down with a wet towel, but it’s going to take a few baths

    update: put her in her room…she’s now had diarhea

    yup. good morning everyone  :surrender:


    :nono: Lucky you Nick, poor Sadie!


    well, we’re off to the pet wash….hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in hand…gonna be a looong day

    poor girl she’s ever so upset


    yuckyuckyuck and I thought I had problems with my 3 and their fascination for dropping and rolling in all things unmentionable, when she smells better Nick, give that beautiful girly a hug from me :-* :-* :-*


    Yuk!!  Bet she will think twice ablout doing that again!! :agree: 😀


    eeeewie skunk?!


    ok, we’re back….have made some progress, probably cut 50% of the smell although I might just be getting used to it…she seems fine in herself now, probably thinks she smells wonderful  :vomit:

    house stinks, going to be steam cleaning and doing laundry all day methinks

    biggest difficulty is it’s on her face and head, hard to wash properly without getting soap etc in her eyes…I told her to close them tight but we’ve never cued that before  😀


    go to pub – get totally steaming then you wont notice the smell  :yes:


    What about putting some ketchup on her, works great for fox poo!!


    nope…jay ketchup and skunk dont work …  😀

    sorry shouldnt laugh…hugs to the girlie…striped squirrels dont count lass….leave them alone they badbadbad…

    nick..get a used t bag around the eyes…a wet ish one…so tanin gets through

    mo says get some lavender extract…so a high % oil carrier based lavender or do your own …add to the wash with 4 tablespoons of white vinegar…also wash surfaces with a 50% vinegar water solutuion…let it dry then clean again with normal cleaners…


    eeeeeeewwwwww  :boooo: that must stink Nick  >:D  :scared:


    the baking soda and hydro peroxide mixed with water really works quite well…mix it up and apply with a sponge…obviously keep it out of eyes…the teabag idea is a very good one

    Bev, thank Mo for the suggestions, I’ll give it a go tomorrow

    J, with her sense of humour bought Sadie a present today…..yup, a skunk squeeky toy  :yes:


    😀 hopefully it doesn’t smell ?  😀


    ooops silly Sadie! hows the smell today  ;D


    I cannot actually imagine what the smell is like, my dad says it’s very acrid but haven’t ever seen a skunk, are they even in the UK?  Will look it up, all I can picture is Pepe le Pew!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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