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    there is a BIG clue  😀

    and me is cold and muddy and tired go away


    ami on the left cubert on the right?

    ami on her own in the bottom pic ?


    clue was the tail 😀

    he lies on that wooden box  ::)


    :yes: yup no mistaking him for anyone else with that tail,mind i didnt actually look at it not properly – its looking very uhm hairy  ;D


    I thought same as Suz, tho didnt look at tail  ::) hes less hairy than Ami, finer fur 🙂


    should see his feet and his sore ear  :embarrass: then agian maybe not  ::)

    no gracie…he has cots..she has curls….


    I dont believe for one second he has hobbit feet  :nono:  😉 sore ear? what insdie or……..?


    scissors must have slipped  :hurt: now i only got to open the grooming bag …having spent days re conditioning after being away at mams and coming back to huge cots…i buggered it up…and he was so good..not even struggling…let me do it…i a crap groomer…outside…looks worse than it is i guess ….and bless him he didnt even yell out at the was the next morning i saw it …and yep hobit feet..scraggy hocks cots in ears…cots under pits…do a bit leave a bit like the bleedin forth road bridge


    Awww Bev believe me happens to the best of us – just ask Val re my recent horror – am sure she been there too at some point  :-[ and your not a crap groomer you doing your best  :-*

    Bev when i come up to see Livia – absolutely ANY chance we me and Honey can meet you too even if just for an hour or so? I really want you to meet Honey  🙂  if you can maybe email me………? Is next sunday am seeing Christine and Richard and Fritz too – Honey gonna be pooped!


    awww honey is LUUUURVERLY !!

    found the piccies of us meeting her the other day 😀


    Awww  :-* soon as i get my next free sunday will arange to meet with you claire  😉


    he is growing to be very hansome ;D


    yeah…but you know that saying …handsome is as handsome does ?……. ::) >:D

    justine…where are the pics of the walk………


    I’m here!  :embarrass:

    I know I know what a time to beggar off for a couple of days.

    Am currently supposed to be working so I guess I’ll do it now!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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