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    i thought i would give eveyone an update on the business  🙂 well we are four days into our first week and enjoying it! (me, kk xing and foxy) we have our first customer who we have been walking once in the morning and once in the evening and thats all week. they are a hv and a gsp, lovely boys! and there owner is a lovely women, and is already booking them in in november ;D we got our uniforms back yesterday, i love them!!!!!  ;D the only thing we are waiting for is our leaflets, but we will have them soon then we can get out and spread the word! we may only have one customer (we do have another couple lined up) so far but it is a start and we havnt really advertised yet so i hope it will only get better  🙂


    Don’t forget to put details up on lots of websites like gumtree  ;D

    The more links and mentions you have on websites – the better… because people googling will find you easier  ;D ;D

    also put notices up in the local vets – i went to ours for a list of dog walkers when we first got Loki… not that they had any  ::)

    Sounds good though  🙂


    And don’t forget the pet shops and post office
    Good Luck girls



    re: your website – i wouldnt advertise it anywhere until you have finished it, many people dont bother checking back again if they hit a holding page.

    are you insured and animal 1st aid trained ?  (just nosy)

    good luck !!


    ETA: who did that holding page !!!!!  lol – padding.gif indeed !!!!!!!!!  dear dear me !!!  i hope u didnt pay…


    Hey your first customer,if she is happy with you,I am sure her good words will spread to other people


    I am so jealous – I would love to do something like that – just need some back up money first.  How did you start, what made you do it?  Tell me all the gossip – you can email me if you like.

    Liz & Joe


    Keep up the good work – onwards and upwards  ;D  :-* Good luck to you all  :-*


    thanx nat  ;D year we are insured and are website is up and running now aswell, theres just a couple more things to add to it  🙂


    Your website is fab!!!!!!!!!

    I want you to be near enough for you to come and look after Loki every day  >:( ;D


    i wish we were  ;D i love him  :-*


    now see i could walk xing an loki together!!! websites fantastic, thanks to lauras dad!!
    its hard to believe that 3-4weeks ago we came up with the idea, and because of family ties etc weve hardly spent any money, only on uniforms really


    Just had a look at your website,looking very good girl’s,I didn’t realise you were doing small animals as well as dog’s,I hope the ones you look after are a lot quieter than mine or you had better get some protective clothing ;D


    I really like all the stuff about looking after the house when people are away etc.  is nice idea.  🙂

    am sure Loki would like to walk with xing  ;D


    ;D ill be doing small animals, ive owned everything from rabbits, rats, terripin, guinea pigs, snakes, hamsters, NOT SPIDERS!!!! lmao


    ;D Gr8 web site, well wt ya gonna do if sum 1 wants there spiders looking after!!  😀

    ya never no! might jus be household spiders that need looking after!!  😀 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 244 total)
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