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    Hey Foxy glad business is going well, same here touch wood dont seem to have been hit by the credit crunch, and ouch poor Kaylee hope her and the dog ae ok!N x


    Well its been a week so i thought Id better post and tell everyone kaylee has left the business.  So its me and mandy now, working our butts off!  😀  We’ve taken on kaylee’s dogs between us and although we’re very busy (i did 12 dogs today, mandy did about the same!) Its working out great, without any the hassle of the previous weeks with 3 people  ::)

    Anyways on a nicer note,me+mandy had a brill time yesterday at our friend Muriel’s puppy classes.  She invited us over to recommend us to everyone and leave our leaflets.  There was a lovely mix of puppies including a gorgeous little chow chow who was a little star and a very boisterous RR which i was itching to get my hands on and teach some manners lol!  It was so enjoyable, we had to be the ‘vets’ and check the pups over without them nibbling, they were all soooooo cute!  😀


    Glad everythings going well, they do say 3’s a crowd 😉

    I had puppy cuddles on sunday too, my daughters friends 8 week old choccy lab :-* :-* :-*


    Pleased to hear business is going well – why did Kaylee leave?

Viewing 4 posts - 241 through 244 (of 244 total)
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