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    We’ve got a youtube channel too!



    cool! Love it  ;D



    mmmm me like Vic  🙂 tho do all vizzies dig  😮


    I dont know but he’s mad for it!  ::)

    Heres another pic
    [img width=468 height=374]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g283/Foxisle_crazy/DSC00307.jpg[/img]


    Very good girls 🙂
    What a gorgeous face that Viz has :-*


    awww bless he looks tired after all that digging  ;D


    So hows it going girls anymore customers?  🙂


    not yet  🙁 but we have been around posting lots of leaflets today, and we have a few people who are interested! we just have to be patient  🙂


    Yep just be patient – you will soon pick them up, once you have happy customers they will recommend more just keep at it with the leaflets  🙂

    Do you have any other dog walkers round by you – might be worth speaking to them, if they have an overspill of business they may be glad to pass it on. I have had that happen and picked up tons of business from a good friend whos a local groomer 🙂


    theres not many around here  🙂 , the only one i know of his car is always outside the pub or bookies  ::) and i wouldnt want my dog going to him  :-\


    Thats a real shame, its a good way to pick up business.  🙁


    just been messing around on that silly blingee thing that suz has got me hooked on!  >:D :-*
    shame the blingee covers the pet care wirting!  ::)


    Laura it’s fab 🙂
    I think you maybe getting addicted ;D


    don’t i know it  ::) ::) i’ve moved onto pic’s of Niko and izzy cause i’ve run out of dodger!  😀


    i love it 😀 as you can see  ::)  a great way to advertise the business  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 244 total)
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