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    Happy Birthday Sue, hope you have a fab day and get spoilt rotten  ;D  :ok:


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE …have a good day xx


    Happy Brithday I hope it’s a good un  :ok:


    Aw, happy birthay Sue, enjoy it!  :-* :-*

    Sarah Jane

      :clown: Happy Birthday !!!  :clown:..Have a good one x


    happy birthday hun have a great day  :yes:  :-*


    Happy Birthday Sue :-* hope you have a fab day :-*


    Happy Birthday Sue!

    Hope you have a great day!  :-* :-*


    Happy Birthday Sue :-*


    Thanks guys :-* really, you’ve made my day :-* :-*

    Just come home to a pile of cards, few from rellies but some from people I havent seen or spoken to for ages, yet people I work with day in day out , well lets just say I was a bit upset to say the least, not even a card cos they ‘didnt think it was this early’ , I dont know about you lot but birthdays are special to me I dont mind not having a pressie I dont expect one ,but a card well that says at least people are thinking of you, doesnt it?  Thanks Nat for yours & Mudgie for your  message :-* :-*

    So its me, OH and a curry tonight and the 2 boxes of Ferrero Rocher the kids got me for pudd! ;D


    Happy birthday, enjoy your curry  🙂


    and…you acclaimed in fame girl…a guest is printing this  ;D ;D ;D


    happy birthday ;D


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE!!  – I shouted it on your facebook page too  :yes:  😀

    Hope you having a good day – i confess i didnt know when your birthday was…………..but ask anyone im CRAP at birthdays – Christines is soon this month i think – but dont ask me when, and i will completely forget  :embarrass:  :embarrass:


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=12636.msg244253#msg244253 date=1223399375]
    and…you acclaimed in fame girl…a guest is printing this  ;D ;D ;D

    LOL prob someone from school!! 😀 😀

    Thanks everyone :-*

    Suz bless you thanks Hun , when I have worked out how to use F’book I will write on your wall too 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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