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    Happy New Year Everyone may you and your furry friends stay safe


    Happy new year Val and everyone x


    Happy New Year everyone  :-*


    Happy New Year Everyone  🙂


    Happy New Year ;D
    I got a sore head, and I dont drink ??? 😀


    Happy new year everyone, may it be better than the last 🙂


    Happy New Year everyone !!!

    love the new banner val 🙂


    Happy new year everyone. I woke up just after midnight to hear the fireworks exploding over the road. First thing this morning i went down the garden to pick some sprouts & parsnips for our roast and guess who got caught red handed in my greenhouse stealing my mums beetroot? Looks like someone plans to keep old habits for the new year. LOL

    My new year wont really begin until i have my back operation next month but it’s going by pretty quickly now so it’ll soo be over & done with. I am going to need serious dog walkers round here.  :surprise: ;D


    Happy New Year everyone, hope it’s a good one  ;D

    Lol Mark, watch out for the purple wee  ;D  😀


    Happy new year everyone!  🙂 🙂 🙂


    Happy New Year – I was asleep at midnight, and am spending most of today in bed – i am really poorly  :'( Honeys been keeping me company and warm, but shes just gone to the beach with my mum and dad for a bit  :-*


    Glad to see the end of 2008.
    It started off o.k but went very wonky in the last few weeks.
    The laptop motherboard died (luckily I had my pics saved on other H.D’s)
    I got the Flu…I know loads of people had it, but I’m prone to Pleurisy & had such a terrible pain in my chest. I only stayed in for 2 days & have just stopped coughing after 3 weeks.
    My back decided to give out on me on Monday…after being problem free, more or less for 18 months. Looks like I may need the procedure doing again in the future.
    To top it off the radiator in the spare room burst yesterday morning & water came through the kitchen ceiling. Thank heavens I have a stop cock outside & could drain the system…but I forgot to turn off the electricity & got a shock.

    It can only get better. !!!


    happy new year everyone xx


    happy new year everyone! ;D ;D

    I hope 2009 will be a better year for me and dodge :yes:


    Happy New Year everyone, love Angela, Alex and Toby  :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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