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    my backs not been right since my recent car accident – but been seeing the chiropracter and its been helping, then think i overdid it getting my new grooming room ready ( which im renting with the sole purpose of helping my back!!) then i was working yesterday first day there and its gone so badly i cant hardly move, mums having to take care of aeryn and im dosed up to the eyeballs with antiinflams and painkillers from the doc!! plus seeing the chiro not that they can do much because im stupid amouns of pain i cant evn lie down totally and utterly fed up!!!


    Get well soon :-*
    You could ask the doctor if a tens machine may help they might be able to loan you one, just a thought


    my mum managed to find hers ( not easy when your packing to move lol!) and it is helping a little, not much but then im not expecting miracles!! x


    How’s your back now, babe? Take care now, or you will regret it in the future.. Just take it from somebody who’s been there toooo many times  :ugly:  :canadian: .


    Is much better……i was meant to go to physio on monday………i ended up at the docs with aeryn ( shes fine) and forgot………i must reschedule, but my back doesnt hurt at the moment-  just got a numb leg and foot!! being super careful specially at work and touch wood its helped! x


    frozen peas….hope it gets better soon x


    Oh yes bev bags of frozen veg have become my new best friends – wasnt funny when i fell asleep on the sofa though with a bag of frozen peas – i couldnt move  when i woke up and the sofa was soaked!!LOL!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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