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    Since the age of 16 my size hasn’t really changed I’m 4ft 11 ¾ inches and weighed between 7stone 4lbs and 7stone 10lbs depending on the time of year *LOL.  Now according to the size charts I’m a UK size 6

    I went shopping last weekend and I tried on some size 6 jeans in Dorothy Perkins which were a little tight on the hips if not a perfect fit on the waist, size 8 jeans in Debenhams which just hung of me like a sack,  size 8 in H&M which fitted perfectly if not a little snug and a size 4 jeans in Tesco which were a perfect fit all over.

    I can assure you I didn’t go on a crash diet and loose weight on the walk betweens the shops so how the heck can I go from a perfectly if not a little snug size 8 from H&M to a perfect fitting size 4 in the matter of a few minutes.

    I’m not a stick insect and I eat reasonably healthy. Why am I telling you this? So you get an idea of what my body shape is like and so you will hopefully understand that I’m not a size 4 by any stretch of the imagination. I’d say I’m usually a size 6 on the bottom half with 28″ leg length  (No I’m not short I’m vertically challenged) and a size 8 on the top half.

    So, why is that I can’t go into a shop and buy clothes without having to try on 3 different sizes?

    The OH can walk into pretty much most shops and pick up a pair of jeans, 38″ waist and 32″ leg  and without trying them on pay for them, go home, put them on and voila THEY FIT. So why do I have to pick up at least 3 different sizes of jeans to try them on to see which ones fit?

    Another thing that annoys the hell out of me is that sometimes you can buy jeans that are tight round the waist but baggy as hell on the hips.

    Don’t even get me started on XS, S, M, L, XL sizing – I range from Extra Small to Medium. I do not understand how shops can get away with such a variations in sizing.

    So now you’re getting the gist of how frustrated I feel about shopping for clothes.

    The next time a man says that women love to clothes shop I might just ask him to come shopping with me and ask him to pick out clothes that will fit me and then he can see just how much fun it really is.  >:D


    ooooooooooo I remember being a size 8  😀  Now I have the same problem Minpin. I like tight jeans not skinny but straight, I’m a 14, but all 14 jeans i try have baggy legs I dont like that, I just dont feel comfy,  they seem to think if you have a bigger waist your legs are the size of tree trunks! cant stand the hipsters cos I’m always pulling em up! Top wise I like loose,(covers the tum ;)) some of the t shirts I’ve bought I are size 20 😮 😮 now I’m sorry but there is  :nono: WAY I’m a 20!
    I can go buy my OH trousers or tops and they will fit him yet like you say everywhere for women seems a different size, very frustrating >:(


    As a 5 ft 11 gal with size 9 feet and a love of jeans I also find clothes shopping and sizes a nightmare.  Don’t have a big wardrobe to be honest, just black trousers and shirts for work and jeans for weekends and dog walking.  My problem is the cost of clothes long enough for my legs and arms, I get mail order generally, very pricey so go for quality not volume  :'( I feel for you Minpin!



    I also have size problems – I am a 14/16 top and 16/18 bottom but I know that NO size will fit me in topshop, jane norman or other high fashion type stores.  NEXT is usually best but I can try 6 pairs of size 16 trousers on and only one be cut right AND they dont do student discount bah!!

    Steve is a 32/36 and dont even bother looking for those in a normal shop because they are about as easy to find as my bra size is !!!  (impossible).  Coupled with that he is 15 1/2ins collar and the sleeves are not long enough till 17″ so they have to be ordered and made specially from a catalogue!

    Harry is no bl**dy better no-one cuts kiddie clothes tall and slim !!

    Claire x


    I never even set foot in jane norman, unless you eat more than an apple a day, nothing will fit you in there!  ::)


    Agree Foxi, you’d have to literally squeeze me into their biggest dresses!  All this said, am pleased the trend for smocks seems to be on the wane!


    Well you can count mail order out as the sizes only appear to start at size 12, I often see their adverts on tv and I scream at the tv “what about sizes  6,8, + 10”.

    I don’t like low rise jeans cos you end up with a draft across your back or even worse sun burn, been there, done that still got a large dark brown stripe acorss my lower back where I caught the sun whilst laying a new lawn.

    And as for shoes I vary between size 2 and 3 and you’ll never guess how much I paid for a paiir of new rocks (boots) in a size 3  ::)

    Now if I want to wear jeans with flowers on then I could buy jeans from the childrens section, but I refuse  to wear jeans with silly slogans or flowers and glitter all over them.


    Know what you mean Minipin  :yes: I am a size 12/14 normally but have stuff in my wardrobe that is size 10 and size 16 ::)


    well I tell you something – im buying clothes from Tescos in future  :ok:  😀  😀  😀

    I hate clothes shopping – what a bore, i tend to order it in in various sizes and try on at home – then send back what dont fit  ;D


    Something i will never understand  ::) …. shopping is easy, girls just make it difficult by looking at details like sizes. See someting you like?Take it from a rack, if you can fit in it, it==>  :ok: , pay for it, take it home.  If it’s when you start looking at sizes that you get confused, than stop doing that  😉 .


    But Diesel if sizes were universal we wouldn’t need to try them on and shopping would be a quick and easy process, however this is not the case.

    Ladies if you happen to be the same size as me then JJB sports is the place to go because age 11-12 years  is a perfect fit and a fraction of the cost of womens clothes. I know as that is where I have just been and I bought two pairs of jogger bottom two jogger tops and on t-shirt all for £61.00 and everythng fits perfectly, so I’m one happy lady  ;D


    But Diesel, you see something you like and there’s 10 of them in the rack, of various sizes.  Which ones do you take to try on?

    I don’t why they don’t size women’s clothes like they do men’s, ie using waist size, leg length, chest size etc.  How are we supposed to know what size 8,10,12 are exactly!  We have to use trial and error to find what size fits us from which retailer.



    [quote author=cjane link=topic=12503.msg241812#msg241812 date=1221996066]
    But Diesel, you see something you like and there’s 10 of them in the rack, of various sizes.  Which ones do you take to try on?

    Uhmmmm…….. I don’t try it on. Always buy clothes big enough so i can be sure i fit in it.
    For ‘serious’ shopping, to go to wedding or such things…. ::) I send my wife  :embarrass:


    I’m the same, I’m only 5’1″(so i buy petite) I’m quite curvy and usually a size10 in most shop, vary cut i can go up a size or down a size(but just fit in the smaller) I’m a in betweener……
    I can admit that i mastakenly put a kids 14-15years pair of combats on the other day and they fitted fine :what: the leg was a perfect fit too (Lol) , but it bothers me that why can i fit into kids clothes but not a size 8????

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