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    Here is information in to why eye testing breeding stock is so important


    The Stafford is no different from many other breeds of dog, or mongrels, in that it suffer’s from inherited condition’s, two of which are Hereditary Cataract-HC for short, and Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous or PHPV for short.
    Not all cataract’s are inherited, however some are, and a type of cataract is inherited by some stafford’s.
    This hereditary cataract is bi-lateral, that is it affect’s both eye’s, and is progressive which means it gets steadly worse the affected dog eventually becoming blind. Early onset of the condition can be recognised by trained ophthalmologist’s or ” eye specialist’s “. Sight can be partilly restored but the operation is expensive.

    PHPV, the second eye condition that affect’s the Stafford is not quite so straight forward. PHPV is congenital, that is it’s present at birth.
    Certain blood vessel’s that do a normal job during development of the eye should have disappeared within a few week’s of birth, but sometimes they don’t and can cause complications.
    Dog’s can be mildly or badly affected with PHPV, and mildly affected dog’s can produce badly affected offspring which can itself result in a form of cataract development.
    This condition does not progress or get worse as the puppy grow’s and can be detected as young as 6 to 8 weeks old.

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