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    Oh I see sorry for being so thick.

    Ive said next pointer will be a rescue!  Bought Jasper as a puppy, which I feel bad for, but I wanted to do the puppy bit.

    But Ive said to my partner next will be a rescure, we went to Burghley last year just before getting Jasper, and we met loads of pointers, all of what seemed to be rescue, they seem to be very miss understood 🙁

    I wouldnt be without mine

    Pointer x


    Yep poor boy hope they find him a home soon.

    Melinda thats the one rule i really hate – countless good homes being turned away because of it!

    Anyway sorry wont hijack your introduction thread pointer  :embarrass:


    Pointer there’s nothing wrong with getting a puppy, don’t feel bad!

    IMO as long as you are dilligent in choosing a breeder and raising your puppy you are not in any way at fault – it’s people that don’t think things through that cause the rescue build up. 

    I’ve had lots of rescue doggies and all have been lovely, Oscar is a treasure, but I also want the opportunity to have a puppy from scratch one day, from a good breeder.

    Suz, it is sad as I had a nice spot to offer to a dog from MT and I was disappointed they wouldn’t even consider me, but I guess they have their reasons.  I got my dog from dogs trust in the end, they’re a bit more flexible which I think is good.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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