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    Hi there

    My name is Sharon and I am a volunteer for SOS Animals UK.

    SOS Animals UK are dedicated to relieving animal suffering throughout the world. Committed to supporting crucial neutering programmes, distributing vital medications and re-homing animals in desperate need. SOS UK changes one animal’s life at a time.

    SOS Animals UK was initially set up to help the strays of Spain. As a result we have set up SOS UK to help shelters like SOS Animals in Spain & Noah’s Arc. Rescues and animal welfare charities in Spain are hugely under funded, under supported and inundated with dogs. Many of these dogs have been there for years, and are in danger of catching disease or developing psychological problems. With this in mind we concentrate our efforts on the ‘worst case’ animals; generally dogs that have little hope of finding a secure, loving home in Spain. To rescue, rehabilitate & re-home theses neglected animals is our aim.

    With your kind permission we would like to post the small number of dogs we have under our wing in foster here in the UK on this site in the hope that it will attract their forever homes?

    We would be grateful for your support and would appreciate the opportunity to showcase our dogs here.


    hi im sure that will absolutely fine.

    welcome to the forum!


    Thank you – have four to go on for now, but don’t have loads so we won’t flood the board.  :ok:


    I have looked at the dogs posted are all your dogs spanish rescues?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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