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    Just a cry for help really,

    My lovely lad has somehow managed to pick up Kennel Cough (god only knows wher from). The cough itself is not bad (we’ve been to the vet and he’s dosed up), but he’s contagious, and so I can’t in all clarity of conscience take him out where he may meet another dog and infect someone else!

    Please please please could anyone give me some pointers as to new tricks I can teach him to keep him occupied as he hates being stuck in.  We have a big garden, so space isn’t an issue, but I’m rapidly running out of ideas to entertain him.

    What he does well
    sit, down, stay, leave, fetch, catch

    What he does less consistently
    roll over, leave a ball (that I throw), fetch different items on demand (toys, ball, keys)

    And I’ve just started teaching him to crawl.

    Oh, and he’s clever.  Very very clever.  Which makes it all the harder!!!!

    Thanks so much in advance and I just hope none of your pooches get KC.  It’s rubbish.


    You need to do snozzies  :ok:off you go to the stickies loads of info plus videos
    Have Fun
    :-* to the lad


    Do you do clicker training with him? you can do freeshaping – such as snoozy – there is loads of info on the baord for ideas too.

    Hope he feels better soon  :-*


    Oh yes, he lurves the clicker… Snoozies….??  I’m off to investigate!!  Thanks!


    loads of stuff on here…look for tip of the day posts…putting toys away…working with more difficult articles like books and mags picking up without damaging etc…going shopping etc…think of the things that assistant dogs do…once the dog has the basket concept then it can be developed..collecting stuff from around the house…remotes …reading glasses….can he do shoe and now other shoe?  as in get the pair from a pile…stuff like that  🙂


    You are all fabulous.

    Started on the snoozy last night, wish I’d have videoed (??is that spelled right??) it!!  Within about 10 minutes he’d got it, but then he got overexcited and grabbed the vet bed and tried to kill it.  Sooo funny.  Think we’ll have that nailed by next week.

    And bless him, i put the vetbed out of the way after I’d decided he’d done enough, only to turn round a few minutes later to see he’d taken it out and was sat on it.

    I’m off to look at the stickies and the tips of the day – he’ll be a service dog by the end of the week!  And I can be incredibly lazy!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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