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    I have got to admit, I did not know that about the italics


    OMG and we thought you knew everything Colin  ;D  😉


    I try, or is it I am very trying (that is how the other half refers to me).

    I do have a reputation with friends of trying these things out until I know nearly everthing about them or they break!  Breaking them is not unusual.


    Hense your caption in your avatar  😀




    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=12119.msg235206#msg235206 date=1218095080]
    if the email addy is in italics then it hidden from members is how i understand it

    glad you both accepted… 🙂 wonder what everyone is saying  😀 😀

    Lol I did wonder……….my ears were burning last night though  😉  😀


    i thought foxy might be aggrieved

    be carefull letting in folk with hotmail .co.uk addresses in the 82 – 88 range…especially if they have real dog positive sounding names


    I think maybe she was a little as she been a member for a while  ??? I dont know!!

    Bev wanted to ask about the letting people in – I guess you want me and izzie to help there too? anything we else we should be careful about?


    you h 🙂 :)ave to look at history of what they been looking at and judge from that…hotmail addies are always suspect…another tip is once someone has joined just go into the ban area as if you are banning them …and look at the emails and webs listed that shows there under their addy – you dont have to ban to do that…just click on the name as a ban this user and you get lots more info like different comps used…have a pen and paper to jot down the ips numbers ..you can then check those against guests watching etc

    what i did was practised on obscure never posted old members and old threads from way back…

    at the end of the day if you let someone in and it goes pear shaped…no worries…can always ban them  🙂 but…..

    you have to be careful…for example…if you ban on an ips that is aol in the range of val and i …then you take us out too…so some bans are on addies and some on ips…have a look and you will see what i mean

    if in doubt just move to mod area until you all sorted…also move to mod area f suspect legal implications for colin as he needs to see it…

    as for foxy..yep she been a member a while..has brill knowledge base does good posts etc but…in my book she not got any diplomacy when push comes to shove and tends to jump 4 paws in…she will live  🙂


    does that mean I do have diplomacy  ;D  😉

    right ok – will get my head around the allowing members in and if im not sure I will leave well alone!  🙂

    so I can practice on old never posted members too yes??


    Not a lot to remember girls  ;D
    I agree with Bev re Foxy she is very good at one liners that start a storm especially around Claire
    we all know she’s a pain in the butt, Claire that is but she’s our pain in the butt call it our work with the not so well but don’t put up with to much if she’s not taken her pills


    it worked for me…i chose real old early members from yonks ago ..it always reversible anyway but check that they dont use the site as adverts for other services before you actually try to ban them… 😀


    Oooh We get to play Suz!!  ;D ;D


    bless….she has to be kept leashed does claire…and we have some jealousy issues too but i took her with me to visit izzie last week and that repaired that somewhat…6 hours in car with claire in hyper happy mode …was i tired when i got home… ;D ….i am actually quite fond of her…but then i understand her…claire is the classic girlie poem example

    there was a little girl that had a little curl….. 🙂


    Yey we get to play Izzie  ;D ok Bev I wont ban anyone who uses it for advertising  😀

    Oh Claire bless her, I try to be understanding – I like her – she just fustrates me, but after a rant I normally feel better, and I know she doesnt mean it  :-*

    Bev did she tell you I should be meeting her on bank holiday monday – will Honey and Bonnie get on ok you think? Am quite looking forward to it think steve and harry coming too  ;D IHoney loves kids shes gonna be mega happy!

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